oohh me want


I found out this book by Lena Corwin just came out today and I reallllly wannnt ittt! I'm thinking I should get it for a present and then flip through the pages, but then I know for sure I would end up keeping it for myself. sigh. I might just have to break down after my next paycheck. mwahaha. Hah. Maybe I could use it as "business expenses." And honestly, I bet I could. I think it would be awesome to get into screen printing and make things to sell. hmmm... In any case, go check it out.

Last night I was up looking at patterns. Drooling, I might add. I want this and this and this. Oh cool, and this too. Wait, I'm not done. THIS would make an awesome summer dress. I'd hem it shorter, of course. Maybe in linen! Oohh. Damn. I need more time in a day.

Speaking of time. I found this great article {via The Boss of You blog}. In the article she talks about using these printable CEO forms. Sounded interesting to me because I find it difficult not to get distracted during the day. So I thought I would give this a shot. You time yourself every 15 minutes and then write down what you were doing during that time. I think it will help me get to work when I find myself straying. We'll see.

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  1. egads. This post is such a temptaion for me! haha. I'm dying to get my hands on Lena's new book; I think it looks so awesome. Not that I need to learn any new crafts right now. ;) And those patterns... *drool* Major sewing-lust going on right now! I think this one and this one are my favs... *le sigh* I have been so bad; I just bought a few patterns on Ebay this week, but I'm seriously thinking I need to eventually make an Eva Dress order!