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Oh where to begin. What a hectic week so far! Gahh it's already Wednesday too! I feel like there is so much to get done and not enough time to get it all done in. bleh. It did feel good to know I sufficiently creeped a few of you out, though. mwahahahaha. But you have to admit, that story about Mrs. Snead WAS very intriguing. Or maybe I'm just morbid like that. Oh man, I need to show this to my friend Erin. She would love it. It's the perfect 100 year old murder. I think that picture really helped pique my curiosity, though. Just look at her eyes and that HAIR! Okay okay, I'll stop being morbid...for now. :)

top of dresser
{check it out! Vogue Italy!}

First off, I have to tell you about something I got in the mail from this lady I randomly met on flickr. It was all so funny how it happened too. I saw a picture she uploaded from the Vogue Italy magazine and thought it was so amazing that I then looked it up and found some more info on it. I later wrote a blog and then SHE happened on my blog and read that I was looking for the magazine. WELL... I got a message from her through flickr telling me she was just about ready to get rid of hers (she's in a purging mood, must be the spring air 'cause I got it too...) and said she would love to send it to me. Isn't that the sweetest thing? I can tell you I'm pretty ecstatic about it! So when I get a little more time to sit down and drool...er, I mean, LOOK at the pages a bit more I'll take pictures and post them to my flickr so you all can drool with me. :)

{vanity - all painted white}

I've been doing a lot of spring cleaning. I cleaned my room halfway about three or four months ago and now I'm back at it again. I recently painted the dresser and vanity my mom gave me. We think it's from the 1940s, but it was looking rather sorry the way it was, so I felt like it needed some paint. I painted it plain ole white, but I like it a lot. Definitely brightens up the room. Now to get rid of all the piles I have out on the floor. There's just a lot of stuff I'd been putting off for soooo so long and now it is time I must utilize the trash can. Well that and the local Salvation Army. Though I was annoyed that I came to the drop off just about 25 minutes too late yesterday. grr. And I don't believe one should just drop off stuff and leave it there after hours. I hate it when people do that. ehem... So I suppose I'll have to go back next time I'm running errands. Perhaps it will give a few of my friends a chance to look through the stuff before I go back. ANYways... I could go on and on and on about my cleaning adventures. I'm giving up my pack-rat days and starting fresh. It's just so much easier to live when you don't have piles of crap surrounding you. (And no, fabric does NOT count as crap.)

dresser dresser drawer
{left: dresser, right: inside one of the drawers}

Oh and speaking of fabric, I am thinking of making curtains for my room. They've got to be able to go places with me whenever it is I move, so I am thinking of being a copycat and making these exact same curtains {from SouleMama}. I know it's horrible of me to copy her idea, but I love that fabric so so much! Plus, making them floor length is a brilliant idea. And if I got tired of curtains, hell, I'd make a dress! Right now I don't have the money to be spending on curtain fabric, though, so that idea is just gonna have to wait. A girl can dream though, can't she?

Annnd last but not least, I finally, after going back and forth about a bunch of different transportation issues, found out I am going to Georgia at the end of this month. HURRAH! It got all complicated because first I was going to ride down with some guys I know in Kansas City, then they got all filled up and I was going to hitch a ride with a few friends in St. Louis. Then someone in that party dropped out and my friend and I who were left didn't feel comfortable doing all the driving ourselves. Sooo our Kansas City buddies said they would help us out. I just did not foresee myself driving 9 hours or so to Georgia beginning at midnight. Yeah, that's what the guys have planned anyway. To leave St. Louis at midnight and drive all through the night. yeeeahh. I've done this before when I drove with a few friends to Louisiana. Man was that a little crazy. And even then I didn't have to do any of the driving. I just had to keep on talking so the driver didn't dose off.

image probably from the 1850s
{image probably taken in the 1850s}

So if everything works out as planned, I'll be roughing it in a log cabin in the middle of the woods somewhere in Georgia. It should be kind of exciting. (By the way, for those of you who are like "huh?? Cabin in the middle of the woods?? What's this all about?" I do living history quite frequently. So it isn't uncommon for me to randomly go out into the woods and sleep there for the weekend. It's exciting and relaxing all at the same time. Kind of hard to explain, but I love it.) Apparently, the impression we civilians (more terms I use a lot and most people go "huh?" when I use them...) will be having is "dirt poor." That means a few of the participants will be walking around barefoot. I personally do not have quite enough guts to walk around barefoot. I'm just a little squeamish when it comes to scorpions and the like. Yeah...no thanks to accidentally walking on something that bites. I'll keep my shoes on, thanks.

I'm particularly looking forward to seeing some friends I haven't seen for way too long. That's another reason living history is so much fun. You meet a lot of great people all over the place. Then again, it's also sad because many times they live too far away to be able to see them more than a few times a year and sometimes less than that. Okay, enough blabbing on and on about that. Here's hoping the rest of the week is an extremely productive one...for me anyway. We're talking about some mad sewing over here! Mad I say! So much crap to get done, it's not even funny. sigh.


  1. So happy that you got the Vogue and are able to make it down to Georgia!

    One word though: PICTURES!

  2. Love your inspirational post! The curtains would be a fabulous addition to your room. :) Hope you have fun in Georgia!!! Wish I could go!

  3. Have fun in Georgia...and then come to the conference in April!!

  4. I love that 1850's picture! Your so lucky to get to go off into the woods and stay in cabins for period events....we've nothing like that around here...it sounds like such fun! :)

    Cleaning and purging are so good for the soul! :)

    Happy Friday!

  5. Are you from STL? I'm originally from that area, and my husband's from KC.