i've been a thinkin'


Thinking about the discussions that went on in my last post, I was trying to imagine if I could ever be capable of choosing one era in history to live in and stay living authentically from that one era for always. I'm not sure if that sentence makes any sense, but let me explain... I love so many different eras in history; I'm a horrible history nerd. Some time periods I love more than others, but in general, history intrigues me. Doesn't mean I know evvvverything about all the eras I'm interested in. So maybe if I was placed in one particular era I love, I may actually find out I hate it. But there are a lot of different aspects of times past which I adore and are what inspire different areas in my life.

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era, but at the same time there are a lot of things I enjoy in this life that I live, that I don't think I'd want to give up. That said, I've often thought it would be interesting to try living exactly the way someone from the mid 19th century or the 1930s would have lived. I'm not sure I would have the ability to continue to live this way the rest of my life, though. Maybe it's just my age or that I tend to change my mind and my mood quite frequently. :) The more I blog on here, the more you will realize I hop around different topics a lot. In a few weeks I might be stuck on the topic of the Civil War and my favorite aspects of that time period, then the next week I may be talking about modern summer dresses or something silly like that. This is the reason I don't think I could have a blog that has an emphases on only one of my interests, because I have so many! I can't really choose just one. If I did that, I assure you, my blog wouldn't last very long.

So here we are with a smash-up of all sorts of stuff. I don't know if this here blog fits in a category or what. I guess when I started this blog I thought it would be a fun place to lay out a lot of my inspirations and a few of my thoughts. Mostly trying to keep my personal life to a minimum. After being severely judged in the past on a previous blog I had, I decided it was time to keep the personal life to myself and close friends. To the others, well, they can think what they want about what I believe and who I really am. I've learned most people will think what they want about you anyway and the true friends will take the time to get to know you. And if you're really curious about who I really am, then I'm not afraid to share it with you, but I've found most of the time laying out personal matters on a public blog is asking for trouble. I frankly don't have time to deal with it.

Looks like this post kind of strayed from what I originally planned to talk about, but I did feel like maybe it was time I talked a bit about why I keep a blog. It's not really about Anna Allen's life. It's more about little bits I find fun and interesting or worth sharing with whomever happens to find my blog. In a way, this blog is my inspiration board of sorts. A sort of conglomeration of lots of snippets of stuff I like or projects I'm working on. But as far as my every thoughts, my wishes, my dreams, my beliefs...this isn't the spot for it.

And on a lighter note, at the moment I am listening to Sarah Wood. (Also check out her cool blog. What a talent she is!) I love her voice and the fact that she plays a banjo. A sort of dream of mine for the last few years has been to learn the banjo. An instrument that I hated when I was younger I have since re-discovered its beautiful sound. I particularly enjoy the authentic style that was so popular in the mid 19th century. My friend Carl Anderton knows sooooo much about the banjo and has definitely added to my desire to play this instrument. I don't know how to play any instrument, so I'm a little scared to commit to learning the banjo. I'm particularly worried that I won't stick to it. Nonetheless, this is a life goal I hope one day to accomplish. And with that I will end this post. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Don't forget to watch Cranford on PBS this Sunday!!! I know I will be glued. :) If by any chance you miss it (heaven forbid!) it looks like episodes will be available for a short time on the website. So really, you have no excuse to miss out on this one!


  1. I just saw a girl today at the wedding that I attended that looked like she had stepped out of the 1930-40s. It reminded me so much of the lady that you mentioned the other day. This girl even had the platinum blonde hair and the red lipstick. Everything she wore looked like the 30s-40s, right down to her accessories and makeup compact! I'm sure she dresses like that all the time. It was pretty cool. But I don't know if I could really live in an era like that for my whole life either. It's sort of fun to be more eclectic and jump from one era to another. ;)

  2. I've been having a bit of the same trouble. I seem to have an attraction to so many different styles, eras, and things (which are all constantly vying for top position) that I wonder occasionally if I have some sort of commitment problem ; )

    But maybe one day I'll learn that liking, and indeed loving, many different things is a gift and a blessing.

  3. Although im realistic enough to realise that could I really travel back in time, I might go mad in a few weeks and realise I actually prefer the past, I defenitely dont feel very much at home in the present.
    I feel homesick to an era I've never lived through.
    I have always had that.

    I think reliving the past, or parts of the past, can be a great way of life.
    I sort of live a 1930s lifestyle, although I have to work a lot, own a computer and am not shut off from reality, there are so many moments when Im just extatic with the possibility to feel like a timetraveler.
    Sitting in front of the fireplace, listening to the wireless while darning stockings... reading a 1939 magazine while smoking a cigarette on my balcony while listening to the gramophone, etc, etc.
    Forgetting the present, just for a short while.
    Its great!

  4. There must be something about the 1930s, though -- so many of us who love the past end up fascinated with that decade. When I was in college I tried as much as possible to turn my room into a 1930s bedroom. I shared my flat with several other girls, who thought I was a bit kooky, since I also wore vintage clothes and shoes at the time.

    I find the design of that decade fascinating -- more interesting than the 1920s, which is too geometric & "frozen" to me, and more creative than the 1940s. The furniture & clothign of the 40s is great, too, but sometimes strikes me as a little stiff.

    Although my favorite 'living history' time period now is mid-19th century America (roughly 1840s-1860s) I can't find a way to live it in my own home. That's why I love it when we get into those historic villages without electricity, running water, or cars. At least for 2-3 days I can get a pretty clear sense of the life. The hardest part for me is having to build a fire just to get my morning coffee!

    I must say, Joeri, it's fantastic to get a chance to "meet" you, even if it's just in cyberspace. I'm completely in awe of the way you've created your life. It really is inspiring. It must have taken some courage -- and one doesn't meet many people who actually build their own lives to express their personal vision as you have done!