will i ever learn?


So I did it again. I got my haircut at a local, cheap salon. I thought perhaps it would be nice to get something a little edgy while my hair grows. And I always seem to come home feeling the exact same way I did the last time I decided to get my hair cut. They have no idea what I want. I think they are all taught to cut hair the same way every one's hair is cut. So boring. I think it has something to do with the idea that they all want to look like movie stars and I hate hate hate most hairstyles on movie stars. Yuck. I always think I'm going to get lucky and find someone who actually knows exactly what I want. I should have gotten the clue when I walked in the place. Everyone has straightened, highlighted, poofy hair that looks ridiculous. All of the women wear their make-up pretty much the same way. Caked on, eyeliner, lipstick, blush...the works. For all you make-up loving people, my opinion is that too much of it just makes a person look plastic and fake. Gross me out. I do wear make-up, but I will usually keep it to a minimum. And frankly, it doesn't kill me if I go out without it on once in awhile.

So I had this hairstyle in mind; shorter in the back and long in the front. Jagged on the ends, not clean cut. I have wavy hair (bordering on curly if I don't wash it wish shampoo for a week) so I prefer my hair to be uneven. Hairstylists around here do not know what that means. They just do not comprehend uneven hair. I like it! I like the natural state; how things aren't always perfect and symmetrical. But hairstylists are taught that everything should be equal. Everything should be straight, even if you use those jagged scissors. They still cut in a straight line. Not what I want! aghhh. I am getting to the point where I have reached a dead end. It's hard to cut my hair because I can't reach the back of my head very easily. I think I could probably cut my own hair the way I want it if I could just remove my head. Not likely to happen. Plus I'm not trained in hairstyling, so I would still probably hack off more inches than I intended.

Here I am with this hair that isn't unmanageable, but it will probably take several weeks to grow out before I really can do anything with it. The bangs are WRETCHED. Luckily I can just stick them back as I usually do. But it's still kind of annoying that I seem to go through this every year. I'm still in search for a better hairstylist. I have a feeling someone who carries organic products and cares about natural beauty would be someone who would understand my style. I don't know of any place like that around here. ANYone have ideas for me?? I'm definitely in the desperate stage. And while we're at it, even if you don't live in Iowa, do you have any favorite hairstylists that cut your hair and that you are continually happy with? You never know, I may find myself in that part of the country.


  1. I would try an Aveda salon. I've always had good luck with them They're a little more pricey but not outrageous. Under $50. The problem is trying to figure which one is an Aveda salon since they usually have their own name. Usually if you look in your phone book, you'll be able to figure out which one it is since they will definitely advertise the fact that they're an Aveda Salon. Or you can try finding one on the Aveda website. I believe with haircuts, like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

    I'd love to get my haircut at Fringe in NYC. But that's like a $100+.

  2. I go to Jack Henry Salon. They carry all natural products and have great service. I go to a girl named Caroline. She's takes my ideas of shape, length, etc and flies with them-I've never been unhappy with the result. Plus, I have curly hair, and she's an expert at knowing how to work with it differently than straight hair. I recommend her (and Jack Henry Salon) to everyone. A wash and cut go for about $30.

  3. I can definitely feel for you. I went to a salon once where they put so much product in my hair .. it felt like sticky tack.. ick. And if things didn't get worse, they tried to offer me the hair product. I was like hellll nooo. I wish you the best of luck. if I find anything here in ames, I'll let you know.

  4. Thanks for the tips, guys! Ya'll are great!

    Loretta, thanks for letting me know about Aveda. I had no idea about that. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled. haha. Hair...what a nuisance.