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Yesterday I finished making a pair of Built-By-Wendy jeans and I must say I am very pleased with the way they turned out. I don't believe I've ever actually made myself a pair of jeans (and I've been sewing since I was like three years old), but after completing these, I have a feeling I'm going to be making many more. The first time you use a new pattern, it always takes a little longer to figure it out. Not to mention I'm always wanting to change something, but it's hard to do that when you have to figure out which pattern pieces are for what and why they have you do certain steps. I tend to skip steps and not follow directions very well, which makes me irritated when I work on patterns because in order to figure out why they have you do certain things, you have to read through the directions in detail. I don't like to have to do that. I know, I'm lazy. But I've found with some patterns, they make you do a lot of extra steps that are totally unnecessary. I'm the type of person who gets a lot more out of the illustrations than I do the actual instructions. So if the illustrations are sucky, then that means I actually have to READ the instructions. Horrors! Okay, enough of this blabbing on about pattern instructions...

Not only did I make my first pair of pants, I made my first Built-By-Wendy pattern that everyone and their sister Sally are raving about. Seriously, it's like the biggest thing these days since sliced bread. For once, you can find hip patterns at the fabric store. With cool pattern covers to boot. AND she's written a book, Sew U. (I mentioned in an earlier post that I purchased this book for my friend, but I plan to go through it first myself. hehehe.) Finally, patterns that will get the younger crowd interested in sewing. Because it's FUN to make yourself clothing that will not only FIT, but clothing you have practically designed. You know what that encourages? Individuality. That's something a lot of people lack these days. But all of a sudden, things like sewing and knitting are becoming popular and now you don't have to be 80 years old to carry a knitting bag with you everywhere or be seen at the coffee shop hemming a skirt. Of course it all depends on where you live. I almost always get stares when I do my sewing or knitting in a public place, but that's becoming more rare these days. For the most part, I usually meet a lot of interesting people who are curious about what I'm making.

Here's a picture of the pants I made. I cut them off a little shorter than the pattern (view B). I was originally going for the bermuda type shorts, but I've found I don't look all that hot in those so instead I made them hit past the knee instead of above it. I don't even wear shorts anymore because my legs are so pasty white. (It's another one of those individual things that I've grown to live with and I don't feel so bad anymore about it. Because that's ME.)

:: built-by-wendy cut-offs ::
first pair of home-made jeans

:: built-by-wendy #3850 ::
built-by-wendy pattern #3850


  1. Wow, those look great. Makes me want to try to make pants again.

    I made a pair of jeans in college for a class. I hated it and they turned out awful. I'm sure the pattern and my stuck in the past professor didn't help.

  2. Yeah, I'm really happy with the way they turned out. I wasn't expecting that, actually. You should try out this pattern. The next pair I'm envisioning grey corduroy skinny pants. Possibly with some buttons at the ankle and MAYBE if I'm daring, I'll make it a high waist. Of course I may change my mind. I have this gray cord that I purchased last winter with the idea of making a skirt. Now I'm thinking pants might not be a bad idea. Anyways, enough rambling. :)

  3. those turned out really nice!! I've been contemplating making jeans with this pattern, but keep chickening out because the thing I hate the most in life are jeans. lol. anyway, love your thoughts on sewing + individuality!! :) I, for one, have been much bolder lately about taking my projects out of the house to work on when I have a moment or two... ;) most people think its cool, rather than weird! lol.

  4. Go for it! You should definitely try out this pattern. I'm really happy with it. Btw, I can't wait until your little etsy shop opens up! I created an account, but haven't really put anything in there to sell yet! lol. I've decided to try out a local place first to see how some of my modern stuff sell.

  5. Those are so good! What a great outfit, so cute. I've had that pattern forever, but I've been putting off making jeans because I'm afraid I'll be disappointed with the result. That's funny, last year I bought gray corduroy with the purpose of making skinny cords with that pattern. Never got around to it.

  6. Thank you, Jenny! You really should try this pattern out. I first started with the size 12, but ended up going a size down. Although that's usually the case with every Simplicity pattern I use. They tend to add on a lot of unnecessary ease and I prefer my clothing fitted. But other than that, I had no problems. :)