it was a good week.


dinner with friends.

dinner with friends.

dinner with friends.

Thanksgiving week was pretty awesome. SO much to be thankful for this year. Thank you all for sticking around here and for supporting me! You all have been absolutely incredible. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, for those of you who celebrate the holiday and also for those who don't. Now it's time to get back into the swing of things. And winter is almost here...I can feel it! Have a great week everyone! xo

my wardrobe: toggle coat.


my new winter coat.

my new winter coat.

my new winter coat.

My new coat is finished! Now I'll be warm and toasty!

Happy Thanksgiving week to you! My guests are coming over tonight and guess what? I'm making chicken curry. Yeah, so much for wanting to be all vegetarian. But I thought I would pick something easy, that I've made before.

Keep warm. Be thankful. Drive safe. xo

{a few more coat pictures here.}

le loup-garou


A new online boutique for you to check out!

{p.s. it's friday already?!}



tea + cookies

knitting station

merino wool scarf

my outfit, including a frill of blurred lace.

frye shoes.

I had a good weekend, how 'bout you?

Question: What to make for guests next week? Thinking of making vegetarian lasagna or minestrone soup or...? Vegetarian would be fun and although my guests aren't vegetarian, they appreciate foods without meat from time to time (as do I).

my wardrobe: winter coat.


I decided a couple months ago that I *had* to make myself a new winter coat. The one I'd been wearing I sewed on Thanksgiving about, oh... three years ago? And while I can still technically wear it, I really want a new one. So I bought some really nice twill weave wool (feels slightly felted, which makes for lovely sewing) in brown and cream. Then I bought some huge (okay, only 2") toggle buttons (they are wooden, but look a bit like bone). Next I had to figure out what pattern to use and what lining to use, because I always seem to think of the lining last (I hate lining). I ended up using some cotton/linen check fabric I already had, because I was determined not to buy anything else. Then I found this really great 1960's coat pattern (I ended up buying two, one in a larger size and then when I got lazy and didn't want to grade the pattern, another in my size). One big thing I forgot about when making this coat was that the pattern called for shoulder pads. I didn't read the directions before making the coat (or really during, either) so when it came to attaching the sleeves, I couldn't figure out why the shoulders were so huge! Then it dawned on me. So annoying! I ended up having to take in the shoulder seams another 5/8" and then move the sleeves in by almost another inch. It took some fiddling, but I finally got it. I should have checked that before cutting out the coat, but I didn't want to make a mock-up and I didn't feel like reading the directions completely through before starting. What can I say? I get lazy sometimes when sewing for myself. :) But in the end, it all worked out. I'm still waiting on the rope I ordered for the button loops (woven cotton cord is harder to find than I thought). But I am really happy with how it turned out, especially seeing as I didn't exactly spend the time to make a mock-up and all.

Pictures to come once it is completed! And a very happy weekend to you all!

{above images: 1. dear creatures coat., 2. simplicity 4110, 3. vera coat., 4. carven tweed toggle coat.}

pretty clothes.


All so very lovely. They are on my imaginary wish-list. I especially love the turn-of-the-century styling of the first blouse. Details are everything. I want to start making clothes for myself that add those little hand details. Like smocking or embroidery, the little things that take time, but are completely worth doing.

{all images from COTON.}

another new top coming...


black linen top with vintage trim.

black linen top with vintage trim.

Can I just start out by saying black is really really difficult to photograph? Because it is. I took several pictures but these were the only two I think are OK. I'm gonna have to get my brother involved for some better modeling pics, methinks. The lighting wasn't so great either, which probably made it even harder. Nonetheless, I have a new top! And this one I'm quite happy with, I must say. It has french seams throughout, along with a bit of vintage lace and vintage (rust proof!) hooks and bar closures. It is made of black 100% linen and is a nice medium weight. The drape is heavenly. I might even make this into a dress for the holiday season. I have been in a strange holiday mood lately. Like, I am already watching Christmas movies ("Christmas in Connecticut," anyone??). I know it's way too early to get all excited about Christmas, but I guess my excuse is that I am trying to inspire myself into creating new holiday worthy garments. And this is what I came up with recently. I really want to keep this one because it's so flattering on me, but honestly haven't very many places I could wear it. My wardrobe basically consists of garments that will keep me warm while I work. I don't go out much at all and when I do, the people I go out with aren't the types who dress up. But perhaps I could justify wearing one of these with a thick lambswool cardigan (can you tell I've been lusting after one at J Crew?). Yes, I think I could justify it. Well then, maybe I will be greedy and keep one for myself. :) this will be in the shop SOON. I know I have like two other new tops I keep meaning to put up, but I finally just graded the pattern. Once I complete a few big projects (that means working this weekend, unfortunately) I will have them up in the shop. I am trying not to overload myself by putting new items in the shop while I'm stressing over other projects. So maybe I'll get those up next week.

Have a super weekend!

{p.s. i made a few more mark-downs in the shop today!}

harvest calico blouse.


harvest calico blouse.
So guess what? I am going to sell one of the tops I was originally making for myself after all. Why? I guess I didn't realize that the color wasn't "me" when I purchased the fabric. Oh, well! Maybe someone out there will see it and snatch it up. I made it in size small and it's available in my Big Cartel shop and Etsy if you're interested. I'm really happy with how it turned out, so I may be making more of these calico blouses for the autumn/winter season. I plan to make another for myself in a different color and pair it with a silk undershirt for really cold days.

Although one of the tops I made I am not keeping, I did manage to make another button-up for myself on Saturday. It's made out of a really lovely woven cotton that is brushed on one side, which feels super soft and comfy next to my skin. It will be great to wear to my brother's barn party next weekend. I'll share pictures soon.

I hope everyone had a spooky Hallowe'en! I did! My boyfriend and I watched Sleepy Hollow (which I hadn't seen before) and some kids banged on our door rather loudly at one point, which freaked me out. We didn't have any candy because I was told no one really comes out this way, so those little brats didn't get anything. Jed did go out and get some candy later, even though no one else showed up. That's okay! More candy for us!

Have a wonderful week and hello November!