fall is in the air


Well I've tried to ignore this chilly weather that is creeping in, but I suppose I should just admit that fall really is here, though I still have this huge urge to go lake swimming and wear summer dresses. Summer went even faster this year and I already miss it. But since I can't do anything about the change of weather, I might as well enjoy the colder months that are coming. Inspired by Abby, here's a smallish list of stuff I'd like to do:

-Camp out in the woods for five days in south-east Missouri, 1863 style. {NEXT WEEK!!!}

-Sew lots of my own clothing, including more jeans (I have some interesting styles I want to try out, but haven't quite found the right jean cloth to use yet), knit wear (I made my first knit sweater last Sunday with the help of this book and it turned out smashingly. Lots easier than I thought and only took me about an hour and a half from start to finish) and lots more warm clothing.

-Try printing some fabric to use in my own clothing with the help of this fabulous book.

-Start knitting again (which means finishing that sweater I started last year!!)

-Get back into reading on a more regular basis, so I actually finish the books I start.

-Watch lots of obscure classics.

-This goes along with knitting, but I have always wanted to figure out how to knit stockings. Perhaps this year is the time to accomplish it. {On a side note, whenever I meet a guy who finds out I can knit, they ask me to make them a pair of socks. Dude, they aren't easy! At least I've heard they aren't. So I'm a little hesitant to learn, 'cause then maybe I won't get out of it next time some guy asks me to make him a pair...haha.}

-Write more hand written letters. They mean so much more and I have put this off for far too long.

Well that's all I've gotten so far. I actually wrote this early this week, when it really was chilly, but didn't have time to finish it. Now the weather is nice again and I'm wearing a summer skirt. Hey, this is Iowa for ya. You never know quite what you're gonna get.

I found this video last night and I really really love this. I love the way these two girls sing this Fleet Foxes song. Makes me want to sing along. so. frickin. bad. All this good music I keep hearing, it's kinda makin' me giddy. {via}

Check out this video a friend sent to me. I want to learn to dance like that!

Today I'm going to spend the rest of the day finishing projects all for myself. I started several, but had no time to finish them and I want to wear some new things. Perhaps I'll try some hand printing today. Then again, I always say I'm going to do more than I do. If I end up finishing a blouse or a pair of trousers I started, I think that will be good. Take care and be well.

dirndl pattern


{new dirndl pattern from burda style.}

I'm quite tempted to get this pattern. I love the color combinations and prints. Also reminds me of that Vogue Italia magazine I talked about before. In fact, that magazine seems to go along more with fall fashions than spring. Perhaps one of these days I will actually get on the ball and make some clothing inspired by those fashions like I said I was going to do in the summer.

my little weekend jaunt


i'm walking in the park
{walking through the park in chicago.}

A few things I learned in Chicago this past weekend:

  1. When people parallel park, they park really close to you. I mean really dang close. Thank goodness the moment you are about to give up trying, the car behind you drives off. {How did they do it?} I swear, parallel parking is a talent. Something I haven't quite perfected yet. {I hesitate to admit the fact that I haven't technically parallel parked since I was in driver's ed. That was um...8 years ago.} It's on my "things I'm determined to learn before I die," I mean, "before I turn thirty" list. Yeah.
  2. People get pissed off by the dumbest things. We ended up going to this thing called Flugtag {never heard of it before, but apparently this thing is on TV and widely known - it's funky}. We were waiting in line for beer, it was a long line and we had been there for 45 minutes. Not to mention you had to fight crowds of people to actually get IN to the place where they were selling it. While we were in line, some more people came and discovered where the end of the line was at and began expressing their annoyance. One lady kept going up to the front of the line to see what was going on because she felt it wasn't moving fast enough. Another guy commented on how the line isn't moving because everyone is paying more attention to the show rather than the beer line. I felt like telling them to freakin' shut up. And the real kicker? Right before it was our turn to get beer, the cops came by and stopped all beer sales. The guy behind me wanted to start a riot. It was actually very amusing. But I have to admit, I sorta felt the same way.
  3. Okay, I kinda feel dumb about this one. Someone said they wanted to go to the Hancock building, and the first thought I had wasn't that it was THE Hancock building, but rather Hancock Fabrics. Yeah I know, I'm that lame. However, I figured not long after, that it must have been some other building she was talking about, because I was not with people who appreciate fabric shopping. Not in the least bit. But it was cool going up 95 floors to look at the gorgeous view of the city. And I also admit, it was fun having drinks at The Signature Room, however overpriced they were. Plus my ears never popped.
  4. I discovered I really love to walk around. My feet get tired like everyone else, but there is something about it that makes you feel more apart of the city, when you are walking around on your feet from place to place. We took the taxi a few times and since I rarely take a taxi, it was kinda fun. But I also felt that it seems kind of snooty to always take a taxi. And I thought, though there are a lot of people in the city who spend money left and right like it grows on trees, I mostly wonder if that is just a facade people put on to make themselves appear wealthy. Or perhaps I'm just a snob and think rich people suck. It could be that too. I'm not saying I couldn't live in a big city, I think it could be great, but I would definitely have to find a group of like-minded people otherwise I feel I would go completely out of my mind. Maybe I'm just a country gal. I appreciate those long country walks a little bit more these days.
  5. This kind of goes along with number 4, but I hate, Really dislike, actually I despise designer clothing, bags, sunglasses, whatever. They make me want to puke. So bad. Yeah, that's all for #5. :)

Well I had a good time. I'm really hoping the next time I'm in the city I will get to go fabric shopping and see my friend Ashe again! This trip was too swift {we got there late Friday night and left Saturday evening}. But it was a nice little break. And I love experiencing new places. There is so much to do and see in Chicago. You can't just plan one or two trips. Well I'm exhausted. Have a good week, people.

Pictures from the trip found on my flickr.

sunburned and tired
{driving home saturday night. sunburned, except my face 'cause i remembered sunscreen just in time, but otherwise i'm a fried goose, and a tired goose.}


I love this blog. Makes me want to cook all the time. I also love the down-to-earth way she writes. It's great.

Had a great time in Chicago! I'm sure I'll be back. Maybe next time I'll get to do some fabric shopping. More on the trip later. Gotta get some work done that I had to put off until after my little jaunt.

winter coats and linen trousers


Coats are on the mind lately. I still want to make that 1880's jacket, but I'm now also thinking of a new winter coat {not that I NEED a new one} made from this pattern:

{C30-4709 Ladies' Coat Pattern, circa 1933. Eva Dress.}

I haven't figured out the fabric yet. But something tells me this would be great in a dark brown mohair/wool fabric. But we'll see on that. I probably won't even have time to make it, but a girl can dream! Besides, I've got fall clothes to make before I think about winter coats.

I also finally started making a pair of trousers with my linen stripe fabric I got in Chicago several months ago. They were going to be for the summer, but I never got around to them so I'm making them longer and adding cuffs and hoping to wear them during the fall. I think I'm also going to make a matching belt. We'll see if I have enough fabric left over for that. They are, of course, long waisted. The '30s and '40s style trousers are definitely in my book of fashion right now. The picture below is similar to how mine will look, with the pleats in the front. Though I won't have a waistband and plan to add belt loops and a tiny pocket with horizontal stripes {and a real pocket in the right side seam, that you won't see}.

{I dig those white heels.}

And speaking of trousers, I really love this picture and the trousers the girl on the far left is wearing. They just look so comfy.

{I found this image on flickr, but now I can't remember where!}

A few more great vintage trousers {and just all around great vintage pictures}, here, here and here. {Did I mention I'm getting into the look: "1940s factory working girl?" Well, slightly anyway. I kind of like that look. :) }

Oh what the heck, here are a few more fun vintage images: girls' baseball, camper, great blouse pattern and awesome sailor shorts and halter top!! {Also check out the other pictures uploaded from my friend Ashe.}

I have to also add this one, just because it looks like Asta from The Thin Man series. :)

Annnd last but not least, check out Casey's post on her 1940s slacks with lots of great vintage images for inspiration!

Well hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm off to Chicago this evening for a short weekend visit. I doubt I'll get a chance to fabric shop because the people I'll be with aren't really into that thing. But will probably be checking out the art museums, which shall be fantastic! In any case, I'm sure I'll be back out that way again.