my wardrobe: winter coat.


I decided a couple months ago that I *had* to make myself a new winter coat. The one I'd been wearing I sewed on Thanksgiving about, oh... three years ago? And while I can still technically wear it, I really want a new one. So I bought some really nice twill weave wool (feels slightly felted, which makes for lovely sewing) in brown and cream. Then I bought some huge (okay, only 2") toggle buttons (they are wooden, but look a bit like bone). Next I had to figure out what pattern to use and what lining to use, because I always seem to think of the lining last (I hate lining). I ended up using some cotton/linen check fabric I already had, because I was determined not to buy anything else. Then I found this really great 1960's coat pattern (I ended up buying two, one in a larger size and then when I got lazy and didn't want to grade the pattern, another in my size). One big thing I forgot about when making this coat was that the pattern called for shoulder pads. I didn't read the directions before making the coat (or really during, either) so when it came to attaching the sleeves, I couldn't figure out why the shoulders were so huge! Then it dawned on me. So annoying! I ended up having to take in the shoulder seams another 5/8" and then move the sleeves in by almost another inch. It took some fiddling, but I finally got it. I should have checked that before cutting out the coat, but I didn't want to make a mock-up and I didn't feel like reading the directions completely through before starting. What can I say? I get lazy sometimes when sewing for myself. :) But in the end, it all worked out. I'm still waiting on the rope I ordered for the button loops (woven cotton cord is harder to find than I thought). But I am really happy with how it turned out, especially seeing as I didn't exactly spend the time to make a mock-up and all.

Pictures to come once it is completed! And a very happy weekend to you all!

{above images: 1. dear creatures coat., 2. simplicity 4110, 3. vera coat., 4. carven tweed toggle coat.}


  1. oh can't wait to see it! I just got a shirtdress pattern from the mid-60s that I'm excited to sew up.

    I'm sure you have, but I was looking at this website
    last night and wondered if you'd seen it.

  2. this is going to be an amazing coat! I know what you mean about reading directions, that's exactly me when I make stuff for myself. But sometimes its fun to go unchartered :)

  3. oh gosh, the color of that mayle coat is absolutely novel & perfect. How cool is it that you can just go & make yourself a winter coat? Sewing has got to be one of the best skills ever -