a slight delay...


slight delay... slight delay... After telling everyone the shop was going to open last week, some things have changed and I have decided to open the shop Thursday, May 3rd instead! Sorry for the slight delay! I have two sets of company coming this weekend through Wednesday, so I have decided not to over stress this and just pospone the shop opening date. Hope you guys don't mind too terribly! xo

p.s. The fabric in the first photo is the yellow colorway for the rose linen dress. I'm planning to make that up for the shop as well.

SS 2012


Anna Allen Clothing: Spring Summer 2012

Anna Allen Clothing: Spring Summer 2012

Anna Allen Clothing: Spring Summer 2012

Anna Allen Clothing: Spring Summer 2012

Here is the look book for spring/summer 2012. All the photos and short film were taken by my brother, John Allen. Hope you all enjoy! Shop is opening very soon... I am working as fast as I can to get everything ready!

I also updated the old website, though we didn't have much time to give it a facelift, so I'm afraid all that will have to come a bit later. I'm going to enlist my husband's help (Jed writes code for a living!) because it has been years since I dabbled with html and all that. And while I realize I need to learn it all again, it will help immensely to have someone by my side helping me all of the way (thank you sweetheart)!! Please feel free to check out my website nonetheless. I did update with a few new links and pictures. www.annaallenclothing.com

P.S. John used his very old film camera to take these pics (these that I've posted, and a few others). I think they are my favorite of all the photos he took!

anna allen clothing: spring & summer 2012


Here is a short film my brother, John Allen made for my spring/summer collection! I'm so thrilled to finally be able to show you all. I really think he did a fantastic job on this film! I am working on updating the shop and website this week, so keep a lookout for the shop opening! This is a fairly small collection, but I thought it would be fun to add some new pieces throughout the season. Enjoy! xoxo

spring cleaning!


new lipstick.

new lipstick.

new lipstick.

Hello everyone! It has been awhile since my last post during spring break. I've been home for awhile now and have been spending my time cleaning and de-junking this place. I feel like I haven't really devoted a good amount of time on this for a couple years. I've been through two moves in just over a year and every time I moved it felt kind of rushed. Also, since I am now only making my own line of clothing and have stopped sewing historical clothing, I want to get rid of extra fabric that has been sitting around for years. I can always buy fabric if I need it, but I hate having boxes and boxes of fabric that I'll never use. So now I have a pile of boxes in the living room that need to GO. I haven't figured out quite yet how I'm going to get rid of them. Might do a little yardsale online, but we'll see. Today I'm going to clean out the closet in my bedroom and probably make a pile of clothes to get rid of as well. Maybe I will have one big yardsale. ha! Maybe it's finally time I buy myself a little cart so it's not a pain every time I hike over to the post office. Anyway, it feels so good to finally get rid of things I never use or papers that I printed long ago and have forgotten about. Having a clean place means I am more productive and a lot more happy. So I'm being ruthless with my stuff and getting rid of as much as I can.

In other news, I bought myself a new brightly colored lipstick yesterday and I must say, I think I've found my favorite lipstick! It's called "Love That Pink" in the Moon Drops line, by Revlon. It's the classic line that has been around for years and I know why! It goes on perfect and stays in place, which is a must for me, since I really haven't had a lot of experience wearing lipstick in my 27 years. :) But I want more experience with it, since I just love how it looks! It's so classic and makes me feel so pretty. That saying really is true; if you're feeling a little down, just go pick up a new lipstick and "voila!" all is well again! I think my next lipstick purchase will be from this same line. They have some really fun colors like "Persion Melon" (I've heard this is the official Pan Am girls lipstick color) and "Orange Flip". Yum!

In other news, I have been really itching to sew some clothes for myself lately. It's been far too long since I've sewn clothing for my own wardrobe. So I'm thinking a lot about that. Maybe I'll do more outfit posts on here. I need to find a better place to take pictures, though. The radiator just is not very pretty. So hopefully I'll be posting more of my own sewing adventures and not just my shop sewing!

Speaking of the shop, I have the spring line all ready, but I wanted to take a little break to clean the house, which is why I'm keeping it to myself for a bit. Also my brother John is helping me clean up my website and make it look sleek and pretty. But I think you will like what I have for spring and summer. I even have a little special something to share that my brother John put together. Can't wait to show you! More on that soon!

Have a lovely Friday and weekend! xoxo

{What I'm wearing: Lands' End Boatneck Sailor Tee, J Crew Pixie Pants, Lands' End Canvas "The Heritage" Ballet Flats, Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick in "Love That Pink" #575.}