Christmas time is here! Happiness and cheer!


Merry Christmas! I cannot even believe Christmas is one week away! This time of year always goes by so fast, but this year I decided I'm not going to stress out if I don't get everything done. I'm just going to have fun! Over Thanksgiving I put together a little gingerbread house decorating party with my in-laws and I think everyone really enjoyed it. The party was really last minute, but I was able to find enough time to make all the gingerbread houses for decorating (highly recommend this recipe). The Christmas cookie making was also totally last minute and it turned into a lovely evening with my sweetheart decorating cookies and enjoying the coziness of our Christmas tree. We thought this year we wouldn't be able to hunt for a Christmas tree in the forest because we were late in getting our registration in, but I found a different place that didn't require we purchase a permit early, so that worked out perfectly! It's so much fun hiking into the woods to find the perfect tree! I think we did pretty well this year, if I do say so myself! Since this was the first year with a new kitty in the house, we weren't quite sure how he would react to a Christmas tree. But so far he hasn't tried to climb it or play with the ornaments. Although one morning we did find two straw ornaments on the floor! He knows he's not supposed to play with the tree, though, and he's generally pretty good about it. We are so lucky to have a pretty chill cat. Speaking of the cat, we successfully took him on a 12 hour road trip over Thanksgiving and the whole trip went fantastically well. So much better than I thought! He absolutely loved staying at my in-law's house over the holiday too. There were STAIRS to run up and down and lots of space to play in. I think he realized how much fun carpet is because he doesn't slip like he does on wood floors when he's in crazy running around mode! haha. That cat, he really cracks me up!

I hope you are enjoying the season and not stressing out too much! Wishing you all the most joyous Christmas and a very happy New Year! xoxo