Ernest Hemingway: Our Kitty


Yes, you read that right, we got a cat!! Jed and I have waited a long time for this and finally there was an opportunity to adopt one! He is a bluepoint/bicolor Ragdoll and will be 12 months in the middle of September. He is a purebred* cat, and it was a situation where the woman who had him couldn't keep him any longer due to unforeseeable circumstances. He was actually destined to become a breeding cat from the Ragdoll cattery where he was born, but the cattery was moving so they had to sell him. The woman we got him from had him neutered (thank goodness!). We are so in love with this little/big fella and we are thrilled that he is part of our little household! I have always wanted a Ragdoll cat because they are said to be great with children and can be trained quite easily. And although I grew up with cats, they were always barn cats and I haven't had a huge amount of experience keeping a cat inside. I really didn't want to deal with shredded furniture and wanted a cat that would be good with people and wouldn't mind being picked up and held. This little guy is everything I ever dreamed of and more! Although naughty at times, I think he just needs time to adjust to his new surroundings. He has gotten into the habit of meowing all night long! We first thought we would let him into our room, thinking he might find a spot on the bed and sleep. But we soon discovered he had absolutely no interest in sleeping! He was all over us, purring and "kneading" as cats do (so adorable too!) but then he would hop off the bed and meow meow meow meowwww!! He wanted to play! So we decided this was just not going to work! So I looked up some tutorials on how to get your cat to stop meowing all night and we are trying out a system that I think might actually work. Basically closing the door at night and letting him meow as much as he likes, but we will give no mind to him. No "shushing" no "it's OK Ernest!" nothing. And soon we hope he will understand that his meowing gets him nowhere! We are also trying to play hard with him an hour or so before bedtime and then feed him his dinner after play time. This is in the hopes that he will settle down instead of go crazy around 10:30pm every night! Do you have a cat who likes to meow and play when it's bedtime? Any good tips you might like to offer this new cat owner? He is just the cutest little fluff ball there ever was and it's definitely hard to say no to the little guy! But I know it's for his (and our) own good!!


P.S. Any good cat toy suggestions? It's sometimes hard to keep him occupied and he needs his exercise! He seems to like balls and shiny objects. So far we have some little catnip mice that he loves to toss around and run after. He also loves string, but I know that can be dangerous so I used some extra fabric bias strips I had laying around. He also LOVES the laser pointer, but we are extra careful with that one as not to point it in his eyes! I also like to use the laser pointer in conjunction with a toy like the catnip mice so he doesn't get frustrated.

*I definitely think it's great to adopt from a shelter, since we do know how many wonderful cats end up in shelters in need of a home. However we really wanted to have a cat that was more docile, especially since we are renting and because it would be our first house cat. We did feel slightly better adopting a purebred cat because he was in need of a new home, rather than buying a purebred Ragdoll kitten. Even after only having him a short while, I would highly highly recommend a Ragdoll if you are looking for a great house cat. They are a wonderful breed and such sweet kitties! I truly believe doing what you feel is best for you and your needs (whether that is adopting or buying a purebred) will in turn be the best for the kitty as well! :)