31st Birthday


Monday I turned 31! It was such a lovely day. I began the day with some cinnamon rolls that I started the night before. I don't know about you, but there's nothing better than cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I was looking for the perfect recipe, but ended up using my trusty 1970's Betty Crocker's Cookbook and they were amazing (let me know if anyone wants the recipe). The cake I made is a lemon cake with raspberry filling. I used this recipe here (halved the recipe, making a few alternations for high altitude, and used 2 - 6" cake pans). The peonies were in full bloom, just in time for my birthday! Jed and I spent the afternoon in the mountains and then had a lovely dinner together at my favorite Thai restaurant. Later that evening some friends came over for cake and wine. It was the perfect day and I am so blessed to have such lovely people in my life that made it so special. I have to say, it feels pretty good being in my 30s. But I think every age is great. Celebrate your age, young or old! 


P.S. I'm wearing my "Moon-Spinners" dress that I made three years ago. :)