another new top coming...


black linen top with vintage trim.

black linen top with vintage trim.

Can I just start out by saying black is really really difficult to photograph? Because it is. I took several pictures but these were the only two I think are OK. I'm gonna have to get my brother involved for some better modeling pics, methinks. The lighting wasn't so great either, which probably made it even harder. Nonetheless, I have a new top! And this one I'm quite happy with, I must say. It has french seams throughout, along with a bit of vintage lace and vintage (rust proof!) hooks and bar closures. It is made of black 100% linen and is a nice medium weight. The drape is heavenly. I might even make this into a dress for the holiday season. I have been in a strange holiday mood lately. Like, I am already watching Christmas movies ("Christmas in Connecticut," anyone??). I know it's way too early to get all excited about Christmas, but I guess my excuse is that I am trying to inspire myself into creating new holiday worthy garments. And this is what I came up with recently. I really want to keep this one because it's so flattering on me, but honestly haven't very many places I could wear it. My wardrobe basically consists of garments that will keep me warm while I work. I don't go out much at all and when I do, the people I go out with aren't the types who dress up. But perhaps I could justify wearing one of these with a thick lambswool cardigan (can you tell I've been lusting after one at J Crew?). Yes, I think I could justify it. Well then, maybe I will be greedy and keep one for myself. :) this will be in the shop SOON. I know I have like two other new tops I keep meaning to put up, but I finally just graded the pattern. Once I complete a few big projects (that means working this weekend, unfortunately) I will have them up in the shop. I am trying not to overload myself by putting new items in the shop while I'm stressing over other projects. So maybe I'll get those up next week.

Have a super weekend!

{p.s. i made a few more mark-downs in the shop today!}


  1. Oooh, I freakin' love this!

    I am right there with you about early Christmas excitement. Ain't no shame in it!

  2. This is really great. I love the trim! Hey, when are you going to offer that pleated blouse for sale??

    It's funny, I was just thinking about digging out my favorite holiday movies: Miracle on 34th Street, Holiday Affair (1949, a gem), any and all of the Christmas Carol versions except Mr. Magoo; It Happened on Fifth Avenue; and of course, Shop Around the Corner (the one with Jimmy Stewart!)


  3. Have a great weekend - I love this new top!!

  4. These photos are fabulous, Anna! Your clothes and style are wonderful. :)


    Oh, hey, I started myself a new blog. :) It's called "See Jane Play". You can see it at

    I've been so infatuated with Carey Mulligan's style. I think I can definitely pull it off. You should check out some photos of her style that I posted. :)