Everyday Curls Video


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Yes, you read that correctly! I made a video! I have thought so long about making a video tutorial about something, but honestly I get a little freaked out about being on camera. So this time instead of talking in the video and messing up a thousand times, I decided to do a voice over. It made things a tiny bit less traumatic for my "basically" first video (I made a really terrible video several years ago on how to have Heidi style braids for short hair).

I hope you enjoy this little tutorial on how I curl my hair and please be gentle with me! I might make more videos, however it did take me an entire day to film and edit this video!! I'd love to figure out a way to possibly make some sewing tutorials as well. Maybe even a "day in the life of a cat" video! I can't promise I'll make any more for awhile, but any suggestions on other videos you'd like to see?


P.S. Here's the blog post I did last year which is basically the same as this video tutorial, only I add in more information about the products I used. Also for anyone interested, the top I'm wearing I recently made using a pattern from my very first clothing collection called the "Phoebe" top.

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