the end of summer.


no heat curls!

no heat curls!

Well, I'm back! I know it has been awhile, hasn't it? I've been through a whirlwind in the last few weeks. Went to California for my brother's wedding (more on that later) and then got back and had all four wisdom teeth removed and finally, finally I am starting to feel a little better! My left side still bothers me, so I'm still taking lots of pain medication, but I think it's starting to lighten up a bit. In the meantime, I've been spending a lot of time in bed and on the internet. In the next few weeks, I'll be packing up all of our belongings and then off Jed and I will go to Chicago! I'll elaborate more on that later as well. I'd like to start blogging on a more regular bases once we move and get settled in our new home. I would really love to start blogging more about our apartment and decorating as well. I've got a lot of ideas! I would also like to get better at my photography. Jed has a really nice camera and I'm determined to learn how to use it!

In shop news, I probably won't have a fall/winter collection up until after everyone else. I've got so much on my plate right now, I'm just going to focus on one thing at a time! After I'm settled in a little bit at our new apartment, I'll re-open the shop. I know some of you have contacted me about the seaside dress and a few other items and they will still be available. I'm thinking of making a wool coat for the winter collection, but I'm still unsure if I really want to tackle such a big project. But I recently came across some gorgeous wool and I really want to use it somehow! I'd also like to make some silk tops. And maybe some plaid tunics or shirts. We shall see! I'm also considering not making historical clothing anymore. But I haven't decided yet. It's just that it takes so much of my time and I'm frankly burnt out with all the custom orders. Each custom order takes so long, sometimes months. And it's mentally draining and stressful. I'd like to be focusing more of my time on my own designs and collections. SO anyway...that's what I've been thinking about lately!

I've also been thinking about fall fashion! What keeps entering my mind right now is jeans and pants. What do you think about the bell bottom trend that keeps popping up? I'm itching to get my hands on a good 1970s jeans pattern and make myself a pair. I'm also continuing to search for the perfect pair of pants. I'm thinking since my budget right now is so tight, maybe I'll just make my own pair. I've been looking at patterns from the late 1960s and early '70s. I like the pants that are straight and ankle length, slightly more slim but not "skinny." Perhaps made of wool or just a plain cotton twill. You know, the kind that hits a little higher than the hips, but not too high. I'm also thinking of a pretty drapey silk blouse with a simple collar and v-neckline. The length would be lower in the back than the front and pretty loose. And of course I am always a big fan of a good plaid shirt for fall season. Oh and anything equestrian! Riding pants, riding boots etc. I'd really like a good pair of riding pants and of course my dream pair of riding boots are always on my wish list! And as far as shoes, I did a little online shopping while I was on heavy pain medication (heehee) and bought these LL Bean Suede Blucher Mocs after thinking about it for awhile. Yep, I'm copying the fashionable Joanna from Cup of Jo! I can't wait to wear them this fall!

And now to talk about the pictures of my hair! Have you seen this? It's this ingenious way to curl your hair overnight with no heat and only a bit of water! I have really thick hair that is prone to frizzies, so I did this a few days after I washed my hair. I also use argan oil before putting my hair up and then also after taking my hair down to smooth out any frizz. Love that stuff! You should really try it! I felt like a 1970s Nancy Drew when I woke up this morning! I love my bouncy hair and I especially love that I didn't have to spend any time with a hot iron!

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy these last hot days of summer! xo

august already?


we are so good


Went to the lake yesterday for some fun with family. Jed and I took these pictures and I can't help but smile every time I look at them. I especially love this one, because it shows Jed's lovely smile.

I can't believe it's already the end of summer. We did get a chance to take a dip in the lake for the first time all summer (yes, way!) so Jed and I agreed we must try to go more often before the end of August. And now that it's the end of summer (somehow I always do my shopping at the end of the season...heh), I bought these awesome "mom" shorts at Target for under $5 bucks. I don't know what it is, but I somehow prefer the fit of these to the fit of those skimpy shorts sold in the "young adult" section of the store. Hope I get some wear out of them before summer officially ends.

Oh and yes, Jed and I are officially moving to Chicago next month! Thank you guys so much for writing to me and giving me so many wonderful suggestions! We found the perfect apartment not too far from Northwestern University. Yay! A little sad about moving, but I will rally my spirits and make the best of it. I'm determined to enjoy city life! And I'm so looking forward to decorating our cool new apartment!

P.S. I got my haircut and it turned out quite nice I think! I also made an incredibly awkward video to show how my hair looks in motion! :)

time for a haircut.


time for a haircut

time for a haircut

It's been two years since my last cut so I made an appointment for tonight. Wish me luck!