hi hi.


homemade ice cream::

tomatoes from mom's garden

  • Homemade blackberry ice cream is delicious.
  • Tomatoes from the garden are five trillion times better than the ones from the store. I've been making caprese salad like crazy.
  • Ideas for a fall/winter line that I have been working on since last winter. Somehow I need to bring all my ideas together and find out how on earth they will all go together. Oh yeah, and the time?
  • I made that linen smock and am thinking I might sew up a few to sell. Just have to finish a few deadlines first. Agh...you think maybe I could invent something that would create more TIME???
  • OMG, my big brother turns 30 today! And tomorrow it is August 1st. What the heck? Where has summer gone?!
  • It's FRIDAY!


  1. this caprese salad looks so good ...i am so craving it
    its not even funny anymore...i have to send my hubby to the store ...sorry no garden here ..maybe with the move to oregon comes the garden

  2. The linen dress is so lovely and perfect for tomato pickin :)

    Our tomato plants are producing like gangbusters all of a sudden too, thanks for the caprese salad inspiration!

  3. I'm beaming to see your Etsy shop!! I know it shall be beautiful!! :) I've often thought of opening up a second shop with historical attire and pretties...but the headache of running two distinctly different shops always puts a damper on my thoughts. ;)

    Oh! Blackberry iced cream! what bliss! I've just discovered wild blackberries growing along the path up to our post box....so now I always bring a little dish with me to pick them!! tee hee!!

    Happy weekend-times to you! :)

  4. Haha! It's great that you grow your own tomatoes! It must be a lot of work, but it's sure worth it! That smock is pretty great also :) I'm pretty shocked it's August already as well! I haven't worn half the stuff i bought for this summer! But it's still pretty hot, so hopefully a warm September would be a great time to linger on with some summery dresses...

  5. Cute dress! Oh, don't you just love tomatoes? I finally got a job packing them at a local farm where they grow heirloom varieties. Some of the tomatoes are actually purple, yellow, or striped ;-)

  6. Lovely dress!I love linen,especially when it's casual and wrinkly!

  7. That smock is awesome! And it looks gorgeous on you.

  8. Anna, this dress...What the crash. Please do make some to sell.

  9. What a yummy ice cream and lovely dress. Great post!!!

  10. DId you make that lovely dress from a pattern? If so, please share :-)!