cleaning, new-old necklace and food!


clothes, most of which i don't wear

what i wore.

pizza pockets.

oatmeal pancakes!

  • cleaning out my drawers again. it's harder to get rid of stuff this time.
  • a necklace my mom used to wear that she gave to me.
  • pizza pockets {click on picture for recipe}.
  • oatmeal pancakes on saturday morning {click on picture for recipe}.


  1. That necklace is really pretty! Reminds me of necklaces on etsy. Isn't getting jewelry from moms the best? I <3 sentimental things!

  2. those pizza pockets look dang good. the necklace too.

    also wanted to comment on your post about weddings, but thought i would comment here so that you would for sure see it.

    anyways, here goes...i was the WORST bride ever! i was so casual, bought my dress a couple of days before the wedding online for cheap. (it was silk though, score two points!) i didn't want a big hassle, hated planning it. we had about 25 people there. it was in arkansas. it was so small and laid back and fun, but it was STILL stressful! i'm so not a wedding person either, and i felt bad about myself for missing the bride-gene. but it makes me feel good that you're that way too. i'm so glad i got married--it makes me so happy, but i hated planning my wedding. i'm jealous of my brother for having his at my mom's house with just our family and his best friend. now THAT was the most beautiful wedding i've ever been to. even though i didn't spend a lot on my wedding, i still wish we'd done it even cheaper and spent more money on the honeymoon! the honeymoon is where it's at. courthouse wedding, expensive honeymoon. amen. anyways, thanks for revealing your thoughts to us.