you guys still with me?


no-shampoo {week 2}

I'm on week two of no-shampoo. It's going okay. Nothing super unusual, though my scalp does kinda feel gross. So I think I'm still going through the detox period. I'm thinking it takes me three weeks at least, not two. Hoping by next week it will feel a little better. Those of you who are doing this, hang in there!!! I know this is the time that it's the easiest to quit, but really it's good to stick with the full 6 weeks before you make up your mind whether or not you want to continue. It's not for everyone, but you'll never want to try it again if you stop now!


I've been drinking lots and lots of tea and coffee lately. Usually I'll drink my coffee in the morning and then drink tea all afternoon. Earl Grey is my choice these days. I go through a box pretty fast, so I try to stretch each tea bag and use it for two to three cups. {All this talk of tea is sooooo exciting, isn't it? This shows you how exciting my life is these days...} After finishing that huge project last week, I feel pretty good about work. I'm catching up on a lot of the smaller projects now or things I donated for historic land preservation last year. Finally getting all those completed. Man it feels good to be productive and COMPLETE things. I even had time one evening to finish a shirt I cut out for myself last year. Today I have way too many projects in mind. First I'm going to work some, then if I finish that, I'm going to sew up a tunic I cut out of some brown linen. I've almost forgotten about all the little projects that are half finished. I have so many. Anyway, enough blabbering on and on about my never-ending projects and to-do lists. Borrrring.

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend. Don't forget about Daylight Savings! I'm NOT looking forward to losing an hour of sleep. UGH. But I am kinda looking forward to that extra hour of daylight.

p.s. Tomorrow is International Women's Day (IWD) and some people are celebrating by taking off work on Monday. I'm not sure that I'll take off work, but we'll see. Either way it's a cool holiday. We don't hear about it much in the States.

Listening: CocoRosie.


  1. Anna, I'm impressed with your hair, and your determination to go through with not shampooing. I've gotta say it.

    About stretching teabags, have you tried using a teapot and cosy? your three cups of early grey would be a lot more consistent... plus it's fun to have a tea tray!

  2. I have to be sparing with my limited stash of tea here. Mostly I have various types of black teas like EG (bagged of course), and regularly stretch them for as many cups as possible. I also have a small hoarded stash of loose leaf that I break out for the weekends.
    Lots of Coffee here at least - the Army likes the boring and weak Folger's brew, so it's nothing to write home about, but at least it's hot and caffinated.

    Ugh, Daylight savings... I get to loose yet another hour of precious sleep before morning formation? Sigh!

  3. I thought it would be nifty to do for health and environmental reasons. Unfortunately, I can't deal with the grease or itching.

    It's OK though, I recently discovered Yes to Tomatoes/Carrots shampoo and conditioner. It's all natural and certified organic so I don't feel bad for using it.

    Good luck to you though!!


  4. Haha....well it has been 4 weeks since shampooing! I finally got through the greasy part after two and a half weeks! I can tell a difference in my hair though! Way less fizzy and just healthier looking and feeling! I love it! And the bonus of no shampoo...I have to spend less money in the hair department!


  5. I really miss american (starbucks) coffee when I'm out (all they give are espressos) so I too have been very very grateful for our box of twinings (which should be way too british for the french) earl grey tea that gets me through the long food gap in the afternoons.

    You're still treckingon the hair. Way to go. I'm still trecking on the shitty dry hair without the mentioned/desired expensive products. Not phsyced up to navigate the store for all the detailed advertising in french. They don't say "greasy" roots, but "fatty" roots. Almost worse...

    I was in Switzerland until this afternoon for a good week. It snowed for three days and we got like half a meter of snow. I was sadly coldish/sick the entire time which kept me indoors and not snow tromping sadly enough, BUT I was in a chalet with an ample supply of books, pillows and warm clothes with a beautiful view out the window. I tried to remind myself of how idylic it was when I felt exceptionally lazy.

  6. Hi!
    Me too: coffee in the morning, then tea. I could talk about tea all day long. And drink it too : )

    Your hair is looking so good. It's not dirty-looking at all. You must have magic hair. I wash my hair twice a week, and I'll continue to do so, but maybe someday I'll try this no-shampooing thing. I want to see the transformation.

    Women's day is a good thing. We had many happenings in the town.

  7. Anna,
    Have you considered using loose tea? It gives you a far better tasting cup of tea and also it is alot cheaper. You may pay a little more for the container and or by the ounce but you get allllott more tea out of it.

  8. Hey Anna!

    I didn't actually announce it, but I've been trying the no-shampoo thing with you. It was fine for the first few weeks... now it's at a not-so-nice stage, but it still looks all right, I think. It just feels very heavy and greasy, ugh.

    Hope all's well for you. Your hair is looking good, at least! ;)


  9. hey, guys- thanks for all the comments! they make me happy. :)

    as far as the tea goes, i really should try loose tea. i just haven't gotten around to getting another tea pot. my old one is all cracked and no good. (i got it at a thrift store and it cracked the first time i used it. oops. it wasn't that great anyway.) so i guess i'm just going to have to search for a new tea pot! there's a health food store down the road and i know they carry loose tea, so i will check it out.

    about the hair, it always varies. sometimes a few weeks into the process the hair gets to looking greasy, but then it should go back to looking nice. anyway, it'll be interesting to hear how everyone liked it come 6 weeks! (if you last that long anyway!)

  10. oh and Loretta, that tomato and carrot shampoo + conditioner intrigues me!