thanks, deborah!


more sewing for me :)

Deborah gave me a little blog award. Thank you! :) So to share the love, I'm listing seven other bloggers:

Ulrika Olsson Keramik. {i actually use google translator to read her blog, but i am always inspired!}

himalainen. {another blog i have to translate, but it's such a lovely blog with beautiful pictures.}

Liivian talossa. {i guess i read a lot of blogs that have to be translated, don't i? but they really are my favorite.}

abby try again. {i love abby's blog. her photographs are amazing and i love her sense of style. without sounding too creepy, i hope one day i can meet her.}

the habit of being. {i have to say, nicole's blog is one of my very favorites. her writing always make me think and i really appreciate her love of nature. another gal i'd love to meet someday.}

angry chicken. {she's always making something super rad. like her own underwear or deodorant and the most recent she has gotten into making butter. awesome! i use her recipe "cheat sheet" a ton.}

manteli. {i know i've mentioned her blog here before, but i love it so.}

{sometimes i'm a shy blogger, so i'm not going to follow the directions exactly. but if you happen to see your blog listed, feel free to pass on the award.}

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  1. you are too kind! I would love to meet you one day. I'm a former iowan myself. ;)

    enjoy your weekend!