Alright, so it's not necessarily "the end" for me, but it has been 6 weeks since I stopped using shampoo. Although I will admit, yesterday I cheated a bit and used this bar of soap (normally using it to wash my face) because I did something stupid and put oil (with a bunch of other essential oils...something I got at an organic website to help the scalp) in my hair. I think I used too much vinegar and it was drying my hair out, so Saturday night on a whim, I just took some oil (at least it smells good!) and rubbed it in my hair. Okay, well, that is all fine and good. But next day it didn't come out. I washed it with a whole bottle of baking soda/water solution and even some vinegar. I was frustrated, so I grabbed my bar of soap and soaped up my hair. Didn't get it all out, but enough. So yes, I cheated slightly. BUT, after doing this, I have decided I'm going to try out a shampoo bar next. I don't know that I'll ever go back to using actual shampoo, though.

Okay, so my review on the baking soda method... I liked it alright. My biggest problem is that my scalp did not feel clean. My hair was clean, but my scalp was gross. Some days it was better after using the vinegar rinse, but if I tried to use too much it would just dry out my hair. So I still feel like I needed something else. I don't know what. I think I almost liked just using conditioner better than the baking soda. Although I don't know that I really loved it so much to go back to it. The conditioner-only method is better for curlier types. So next time I go to the store, think I'm gonna pick me up one of these. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Now if my hair starts drying out a ton again? Well, maybe I will have to switch back to baking soda a few times a week. At least this time I think when I use the shampoo bar, I'm going to try and limit my washings to a few times a week rather than daily. Oh man, this all sounds way more complicated than it really is. Oh how trivial I am. :)

The snow is melting (it snowed last and we are getting back to spring weather once again!!! Have a good one!

P.S. Sorry I didn't have a chance to take a picture of the hair today. I'll try to take one tomorrow so you can get an idea of how it looks. Really not a lot to show and it's not super greasy either.


  1. I've used a shampoo bar before and liked it very much. It was by Lush and although they tend to be on the expensive side, it did last along time. They also have conditioning bars which were great too.

  2. I loved your post on the no shampoo debate. Decided to have another go myself..... Its been 2 weeks now and hair feels rather nice. Much more body without the greasy side! I look like a hedgeling though, and emerge each morning from my nest rather dishevelled. I am regrowing my hair and its really thick so used to get greasy really quickly despite only 2 washes a week, so maybe the bicarb rinse will work better for me. Just want to get rid of all the wasteful plastic bottles, although i do buy faith in nature shampoos which are supposed to be natural for the family and I previously used organic chocolate soap for my hair.
    Anyway, enough waffle! Well done for spreading the word!!!!

  3. Hey Lady,
    A shampoo bar that I started using is by lush.( ) They smell great, are made by hand, and they use fresh ingredients.

    Checkem out! :)