linking friday


I read a bunch of blogs and many of them will have "Linking Fridays." Fridays are the days they will link to a bunch of cool sites they've come across in the last week. I'm not going to start doing this every week, but I do have a bunch of links I've recently come across that I think would be nice to share with you all.
  • Feel like sitting down with a cup of coffee and a good read? Well, then you might consider reading this beautiful account of two sisters who decide to take their bikes and go have an adventure. It all began in the summer of 1944. "Perhaps it was a ridiculous venture, but we were determined never to be put into the category with those who say, I always wanted to, but never did." The Lure of the Open Road. {via Elizabeth}
  • For all you obsessive coffee drinkers out there, you might be interested in these directions on how to make yourself the perfect cup right in your very own home. I've been noticing these little espresso makers around and always wondered what exactly they were. I also noticed Target now carries them. {Though I secretly think I'm going to bump into one of these little confections at a thrift store for a couple bucks.} Yes, I covet them. But Christmas is coming up and I never know what to ask for, so... :)
  • This knitted hood is freaking adorable. I'm sure it would keep me toasty warm during the cold winter months. I'm eyeing these lovely wool yarns and can't decide which one to use, let alone which color!
  • Speaking of knitting {though I think this is probably crochet}, isn't this super awesome?!
  • Thinking of having a cocktail party? Here's a helpful guide from Behind the Curtain to get you started! {Besides, I'm quite partial to the picture she used of Myrna Loy and William Powell.}
  • Oh this makes me want to curl up with a good book and a cup of hot tea. {I LOVE wood floors that have been painted white.}
  • I know I said I wouldn't mention politics again, but this is too good not to post.
  • Pumpkin cake with whiskey in it? Bring it on!
  • Love!
  • Stressing out? Pioneer Woman has some advice. Take note!
  • Speaking of Pioneer Woman. There is something about her writing style that always makes me laugh so hard. I love it. And laughing is a great stress reliever! I love how her writing is so honest and down-to-earth.
Well that's it for the links today. I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton, but hopefully these are enough to keep you occupied for a bit. Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday! I'm going to an art show tonight! My friend Vaclav will be showcasing his art. Should be a good time! I was planning to go to a Sacred Harp sing Saturday morning, but it's postponed until next month. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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  1. *breaking out of lurk-mode*

    This post reminded me to THANK YOU for sharing the link to Pioneer Woman a few weeks back (was it really that long ago?) I spent HOURS on there and then got my mom addicted, and she in turn sent the link to her friend who is now in love with PW as well. I don't know how I never heard about her website before---but I love it. Sooo, thanks! :)