into the wild


tj, dave, jay, anna and silvana
{in the parking lot before the event started: tj, dave, jay, me and silvana.}

I'm back and getting into the swing of things once again. Going off for almost 4 days in the wilderness was exactly what I needed. So far this has been the most challenging living history event I've attended. I found out I could live on a lot less and still make it through. I discovered washing your hands is last on the list when your water supply is limited and you are left with the decision to drink it or stay somewhat clean. I'll stay hydrated over cleanliness, thanks. :) My nails were packed with dirt by the second day and it stayed like that throughout the entire event.

marmaduke's raid
{trying to figure out the old flintlock.}

We scurried up sides of cliffs, ran around the woods (my skirts catching everything in our path), slept in patches of poison ivy (somehow I never got the stuff), got maaaaybe 2 hours of sleep the whole time, watched shooting stars at night, became engulfed in the nature which surrounded... and it was magnificent. The funny thing is I never really saw myself as a camping girl. But ever since I've been doing living history, I feel like I've almost got a natural connection. There are so many things we take for granted here in our convenient homes of luxury. Everything from finding water, getting enough to eat to keeping warm was a chore. But somehow we managed and now I wish I were back out there. Can't wait to do it again!

{More pictures here.}

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Okay, I realize last weekend is long gone and it's almost the weekend again, but my schedule is all off these days so give me a break. ;) It's getting chilly here again. Think maybe it's time to take out the knitting.

OH! I almost forgot! I was referencing something in a past entry about some thrifty goodness and I never posted pictures. Well, here they are. A pair of 1940s heels that I got for super cheap.

1940s shoes - thrift find!

Here's a better picture.


  1. Ah, Killer Shoes! I love those!

    I had a grand, grand time at Marmy's. I didn't want to leave. After four days I just didn't care about the dirt and the hard ground and the creek water; I was starting to be able to sleep and I was getting used to the coyotes and the screech owls and the ruffians. I had a perfectly wonderful time up in that bushwhacker hideout on the top of that crest. Probably one of the most interesting experiences of my life. Thank you for being such an excellent partner in our adventures!


  2. Oh, that all looks like such fun!! (even though modern plumbing is very nice,too!!) ;)

    By the way, thanks OH so much for your sweet comment (and link to some pretty amazing music) over at my little blogling! I loved that! :)

    Yes, Boone, NC!

    Have a lovely week!! (Love your skirt,too!)