thrift gods were good


If you haven't guessed already, I'm a huge Ginger Rogers fan. In fact, I'm pretty much a self-proclaimed old movie addict. But I'm OK with that. :) And I read a review of this movie {5th Avenue Girl 1939} today and now I want to see it! I hate that I don't have TCM!

I'll update more when I have some time (with a few pictures), but Saturday I went to the little town of Mount Vernon again and we ate at that fabulous Lincoln Cafe (I seriously cannot get enough of this place - but we actually went to show it off to a few other friends who had never been there before) and then headed to a few of the nearby antique shops. The thrift gods were very good to me that day! Not only did I come away with some great little gems, I also got a compliment on my rather strange style (hair in braids all pinned back, linen sailor shorts and voile flower top - ya know, that 1930s obsession coming out again). This lady at one of the shops kept telling me I looked "artistic" and "fresh." Made me grin (only an older woman would say that to me and not call me "grandma." haha) And when I told her I was a seamstress she had to tell everyone in the shop who had walked by at that moment that I was a seamstress. Very interesting lady. She kept knocking down prices on things and said she likes young people. Every time I go into that particular antique shop I meet someone who seems to be a little bit off their rocker, but at the same time very very kind.

I'll take a few pictures of my little finds and share them later. I am pretty excited about a particular item. It has to do with something you wear on your feet. And they are a shade of green. :)


  1. hah! Larissa, you are close. It happens to be made of alligator skin (i think) otherwise snake skin, so you are close! except these are not furry. haha.