i love this dress


{vintage hollywood pattern #1352. found here.}

I'm not sure if I'll have time between now and next weekend, but I was looking around for a dress I could make to wear to a wedding. I initially thought I'd make a black dress and then got to thinking that is a little too dressy for this particular wedding. Plus I keep going back and forth about which pattern to use for that "little black dress." The one I was going to use I don't think will work so great. Anyway, so this is finally what I found that I think will work. I have a pattern that I changed slightly that should work. Here's my quick sketch that I made of my ideas:

really bad sketch
{i kind of like that green buckle best, but i also think the round burgundy one would be nice. hmmm.}

Now, we shall see if this actually gets made. Though even if I don't get to it now, I hope to get to it eventually! My life is freaking busy and sewing is piling up. Mostly work, which is great! Just gives me hardly any time to sew for myself, because I tend to get burned out by the end of the day.

Well tomorrow sometime {not sure when yet} I'm taking a break and heading to the lake! More sewing tonight and possibly a movie at the same time. I'm in another old movie mood {but then, when am I not??} so I'm trying to decide between Ginger Rogers or Myrna Loy. :) They both make me extremely giddy. {Whoa, I'm a dork!} Have an awesome weekend! And if you have a peach tree filled with lovely peaches like I do, make this amazing peach/blueberry cobbler. I made it last night and oh man, it's like, the best.


  1. MYRNA LOY!!!

    I have the most obsessive crush on her... but after all, why not? I swear I was born in the wrong decade and shall never be married!

  2. The dress pattern is adorable, and the fabric and notions you picked out. Can't wait to see what comes of it.

    (Squee! That is the best scene from the best Cary Grant movie! And I love the Ginger pattern . . .)

  3. oooh! I love that pattern and the fabric you've picked out. I am dying to see how it turns out! :) (Best of luck with finding the time to sew--I know how that is! ;)

  4. They had a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers marathon on Turner Classic Movies and I definitely thought of you, haha! In fact, I ended up watching 2.5 of the movies, and they were GREAT. I have to say, I'd never seen an Astaire/Rogers flick before, and I wouldn't have stopped the clicker if it weren't for all of the praise you've showered on them in your blog and other places. So thanks!!! :D

    Hope that dress gets made. The pattern and fabric are awfully smart. For what it's worth, I like the burgundy buckle.