good times


night time tea. just what i needed.
{night time tea. so good.}

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed today. But I'm still going going going. {Sort of.} Just a lot of things happening and it feels like it's all at once and my mind is about ready to explode! But I also had a great weekend. Very relaxing and wonderful to see people I haven't seen in so long. Esther was back and Niki made a surprise visit as well! So last Saturday they called me up randomly to see if I wanted to go out with them. Not to mention they wanted to all try out this restaurant I have been talking up so much called the Lincoln Cafe. I've written about it on here several times. We also went to their wine shop down the street and brought back a couple of bottles. {I think it's kinda nifty to have the wine shop in a separate building down the street. You can get a bottle or bring back a glass, your choice!} Oh man, so tasty. so good.

esther and liz
{esther and liz.}

silly girls
{niki and leah being silly. they are so much fun.}

leah is happy!
{hyper leah! love it when she is hyper.}

So basically that is all I have to write. That and share the pictures. I started on that silk chiffon dress. Just the top part, so I hope I have time to finish it. We'll see. I'm feeling a tad bit stressed lately so not sure how much I should spend on sewing for myself. It depends on how far I get tomorrow. I have a pile of "to do" lists scattered around my desk. And on top of it I can't seem to sleep very well these days so I end up lying in bed thinking of all different random things. :) Well I'm going to enjoy the last bit of this night-time tea and see if I can maybe get a few more things done before I hit the hay. Not that I will actually get to bed for another few hours. haha. night all.

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  1. Perhaps you should bring a bottle of that wine home and sip on it before bed? It always helps me out...