week's end



Oh wow! It's already Friday! I've been rushing around the last few days so I'm kind of pooped. Last night I threw a party for my friend who is getting hitched next month. There is a reason I don't throw parties anymore. It's a lot of work. And it's not as if I give these grand parties either. I usually try to make them as laid back as possible. Yesterday afternoon I also got with the bride to alter her wedding gown, had a hard time figuring out the bustle (it's been awhile since I've done this and every gown is different) so I had about 20 minutes to throw together something for her and I to eat before the others arrived. I made that Farfalle with Zucchini that I blogged about a few days ago, only instead of adding the cream I decided to grab a jar of marinara sauce. Yum. It was really good. I must admit. :)

{i forgot to take pictures during the evening, so dirty plates and bad lighting will have to suffice.}

Dessert consisted of a chocolate jelly roll filled with coffee ice cream, drizzled on top with fudge sauce and strawberries. I set out some Jarlsberg cheese, crackers, dark chocolate and sliced peaches before we started on the dessert. I admit, I kinda like throwing these parties because it gives me an excuse to make some of the things I never would make otherwise. Besides, how often would I go to the store and pick up Jarlsberg? Like never. And it's like...so tasty.

annie, stop taking bad pictures of me
{annie, stop taking bad pictures of me! seriously.}

Well, I'm going to have to end with this picture because I'm too out of it to think of anything else to write. Even though I've been up for a couple of hours and I've already had my coffee plus a good breakfast (which never happens), I still feel like I've been hit by a train. Well I better get off this thing. Gotta get some work done before I head out for lunch. Have a great weekend!

edit: Oh man! I forgot to mention the day before yesterday was Ginger Rogers' birthday! Not that she is alive or anything, but still...it's GINGER ROGERS! I celebrated by watching Carefree. Anyway, just had to say that. :)


  1. I just love your photographs in this post! ;) Hope you have a relaxing weekend, Anna!

  2. That table looks so lovely!


  3. Ya know you could always not post bad pictures of you haha.

  4. Thanks, Andrew. You're always full of great suggestions. I'm laying in bed right now typing this. Every time I get up I'm dizzy and I start dry heaving. It's terrible! So in a sense. that picture of me is perfect. haha

  5. Just found your blog today - I like it!!

    Yay for another Ginger Rogers fan! She is 'the' best.

  6. i love the yellow in the first photo! so pretty.