bathing in the river - 1860s style


{swimming in the Des Moines river at Athens,Mo 2005.}

I'll be heading down to Athens, Mo in a little while for a living history event. While we're there I plan to go bathing in the Des Moines river like we did three years ago. We got in a little bit of trouble {note the men in the picture - we did not realize there were several men in the nude and although someone was supposed to inform them we were coming, it didn't happen.} Should be a good time. I'm going a day early since Silvana will be there and we'll basically have the place to ourselves. I imagine we will be doing a bit of partying and perhaps we'll spot a haint while we're on the battlefield. ;-)

Have a great weekend! I'll try not to get into too much trouble while I'm away.

{Note: A little more info on 1860s bathing costumes.}

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  1. now that's my kind of bathing!! :)
    I have never made a bathing costume...looks like such fun!! :)