it's friday again


Last weekend did not turn out to be the greatest it could possibly be. Friday I was feeling a little weird and by Saturday morning I discovered something was definitely wrong. I'm not sure what I had, but I know I felt pretty dang awful all weekend! Luckily it only really lasted through Sunday, so I was back to my mostly normal self on Monday. I'm still a little "blah" where the throat is concerned, but otherwise I'm fine. I did some mad rushing earlier this week finishing up a dress for a client. That was an intense situation, but I won't go into details here. But it all ended well. She got the dress on time, she loves it and that makes me happy. :)

1850s dress for a client
{1850s dress - more pictures on flickr.}

Also managed to make myself a new linen dress out of some stripey linen fabric. I haven't taken pictures of that. And I made a quick linen skirt using this tutorial by Angry Chicken.

quick linen skirt
{linen skirt}

AND I even finished crocheting the neckline on a white t-shirt while I was sick. I had to do SOMETHING! No pictures yet, but I'm happy with it and feel good that I can now wear a shirt I couldn't wear otherwise. Makes me happy.

And while I haven't been spending money on factory-made clothing, I have been spending on this...

{the thin man}

But I just could not help myself, seeing it was on sale and all... heehee. I have many weaknesses, and this is one I will admit to. I don't exactly know why, but I love old movies so much.

And Deborah, if you are reading this, here is a sneak peek at the progress of your shoes. I'll get these babies made if it's the last thing I do! {They better fit this time...}

deborah's shoes - in the making
{shoe "upper" made of black silk taffeta with black leather "foxing."}

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! And please don't get sick like I did!


  1. I saw this dress in person on her owner this evening, and it looks absolutely SMASHING. Fits her so well and the sleeves and skirt details are awesome. And the fan front is amazing.

  2. how lovely!! And where ever did you find that beautiful fabric!??