this is...


looking out my front door.

this is...looking out my front door

So not exactly the prettiest sight to see, but that's what I see when I walk out my front door. At least I am happy the snow seems to be melting. *crosses fingers* I have a feeling we will be getting another large blizzard and ice storm. gahhhh... But one can only hope. After all, I live in Iowa. You Iowans know what I'm talking about.

It's been a lazy weekend. Good and lazy. I am just not too happy about losing that hour of sleep today. As if I don't already have to get up early enough. Well one nice thing is that losing that hour of sleep means spring is coming and summer is not far off. We will soon be driving on clean roads (full of potholes, I might add) or rather, roads filled with puddles and mud splashing our windows. Here's to a new week full good things I hope.


  1. Here's to a new week full good things I hope.

    Here, here! ;) Hope your week is full of goodness and inspiration!!

  2. Well, it must be tiring for you to see that snow, but it still looks good to this eastcoaster. The midwest seems to have had a good bit this winter. Think Spring!!

  3. Isn't it crazy that I look at your picture and wish we had snow, while you dream of Spring and Summer. It's so hot and dry here in Melbourne (Australia) that I crave moisture and the wonders of a wintry landscape!

    oh well, I hope the warmth and sunshine of Spring visits you soon :-)

  4. sorry for the bad sewing day. they can bum you out.
    your photo is amazing. It is so strange for me to see the snow it is stinking hot over here at the moment.
    thankyou for sharing