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I cannot sleep, so here I am at nearly one in the morn. It's not often I am unable to get to sleep, because I always seem to be tired. Nonetheless, it gives me a moment to write on this here blog.

::I feel like being random tonight, so that is what you're going to get::

I used to make cinnamon rolls for the local farmer's market and I had the best recipe ever from my aunt Susan. I am telling you, they're to die for. I'm craving some of those rolls right now. Maybe I will make a batch before the week is over. If I do, I will post the recipe. In the meantime, look at these lovelies from port2port (which is the reason I am craving cinnamon rolls at this time of the night).

I'm quite behind on the "This is..." game. I owe you all a picture of "My creation" and "My demon." Instead of a picture at the moment, which I hope I will be able to post soon, I will tell you what they are instead.

Creation: As I am a seamstress, I love to create clothing. Whether historical or clothing to wear every day, it gives me so much joy when I can take a piece of fabric and form it into something beautiful.

Demon: I had a hard time with this, but as it's a fun game I will choose a kind of silly one. I like to change my mind a lot where hair is concerned. I'm growing it out. No, I'm cutting it. Growing it out. Cutting. Growing. Cutting. ahhhhhh. I hate my hairstyle! So I guess you might say the fact that I always seem to cut it when I tell people I'm going to grow it out, is that little demon in me. That little guy who says "Cut it, Anna. You KNOW you want to..." Ah, well. I guess I have a weakness for different and new hairstyles. My hair needs to grow faster if it wants to catch up with my mood swings.

And if you guessed that I got my hair cut today, you would be correct. And it's short. And I really like it. I think I found a cool place to get my hair cut. Finally. You are right when you say you pay for quality. But that doesn't bother me, as long as I know I am getting the quality. Take a peek at Buzz Salon. They're pretty great. And I think I'll be going back...eventually. After I grow my hair out... :)

::This sounds absolutely delightful.:: {via not martha}

I want to design pretty summer dresses. And so I really must find the time to do it. Yes. I must.

My 1930s trousers are nearing the finish line. Had to make a few adjustments. But not much. I'm also thinking of adding detachable braces. But we'll see on that. I just want to finish the basic trousers first and see how I like them. Next pair in linen.

The other day I stopped at the antique store that I love so much and came out with 4 1/2 yards of lovely printed lawn and a bunch of cotton lace. I can't decide what to use the lawn for. Cute blouse or cute dress. blouse? dress? It's a toss up.

Things to look forward to this week? Friday. Because I haven't planned a single thing. I have no appointments. No one to meet up with. Just Friday all to myself. Of course that will probably change and I will agree to hang out with friends. But what would really be nice on Friday is one of those feel-good movie, a bowl of popcorn, glass of wine, some knitting and the house to myself. That sounds splendid. We'll see what Friday brings. In the meantime, I had better try to fall asleep, because I have a lot of work to catch up to tomorrow. That means waking up and getting started bright and early.

::Forgot to mention. My friend and I went on a little jaunt today. Snapped a few pictures on some random train tracks. A good day.


  1. Oh, I know exactly how it is to be wide awake late at night! hehe. I'm usually not a nightowl, but lately my mind has been going at full-steam ahead into the wee hours. ;)

    I can't wait to see your '30s style trousers!!!! I'm sure they're utterly smashing!

    Hope you have a lovely, relaxing Friday this week--the plans sound like so much fun!

  2. Thank you Casey! I'm getting so much inspiration these days. Also thinking up little black dresses to make....hmmmm. :)

  3. Will you put that recipe up?!?! I would love to have a good recipe for cinnamon rolls! I am trying to complete a box of recipes from friends. It is slowly getting thicker..

    Hope your weekend is well.