a few things to be happy about right exactly now


Coffee!! Why of course. It's what inspires me to be the way I am at this time. And if you don't like it, for shame. :-P

Our Mutual Friend. Reading the book right now and it's so funny how similar it is to the movie. Man I love those 6 hour BBC costume dramas. I get in an "OMF mood" around this time of the year when spring is upon us and summer is just ahead.

The reenacting season has just begun! I'm pretty psyched. Next month is Boone Village and who knows what else beyond that. I'm just really excited to be getting out again and to see my lovely friends who live too far away!

Lots of orders to keep me busy. It's a blessing and it's also a lot of work, but that is good! It is getting me to brainstorm about my future. All of which will probably change, but eh, it's good to at least think about it.

Real and true GOOD friends! Yes, it's amazing when you think about it. Those people who actually don't care if you mess up or say the wrong thing or even if you are busy all the time and can't always be with them. Thank goodness for them, because I really don't know what I'd do with myself if I hadn't any. I'd take a few good friends over a million flaky friends ANY day.

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