they stole my idea!


Okay, so maybe they didn't technically steal MY idea. But I feel like they did. For years I've wanted to recreate this one particular dress that I fell in love with which Ginger Rogers wears in the film Carefree. It's one of the reasons I love that movie so much. (I know, silly reason to like a movie, but that's me for ya.) So the other day I was perusing Karen Walker's fall line when I noticed THIS...

Is it just me or does it look terribly similar to the dress Ginger wears in the 1938 movie? (Sorry I couldn't find a better image.)

Well, it doesn't stop me from making it. Although way back in my head I've always dreamed of making a line of clothing somewhat similar to vintage styles from the past. And well, this dress was thinking of finding its way in there. Then again, the idea wouldn't have been mine in the first place. So in a sense I'd also be stealing it too. I still like the original dress design better than the knock-off, though.


  1. I have to agree that they got the idea from the dress in the movie. It's way too similar to not have been. They're both really cute.

  2. Lol - that's the case of a dress that makes me laugh out loud, in a scene that makes me laugh even harder.

    "And you dreamed you were little Red Riding Hood?"
    "No, I was the wolf."
    "And what did you do?"
    "I snarled."

    Btw, watched the Libeled Lady last night, and enjoyed it Very Much. :D

  3. hrm. does look very similar!