playing in the snow

Oh the joys of a wet + white snowy evening. There's nothing quite like slipping around in the snow as the sun sets. It had rained yesterday and the ground was still a bit wet, but that just made it all the more fun. Enjoy the snow while it's here. It won't be long before warm weather sets in!

Also, I want to thank Casey for being such a sweetie and nominating me for the "You Make My Day" blog award! This is actually kind of a fun little game. Once you are nominated, you pass on the love and nominate ten blogs that make your day. There are quite a few that make my day actually, but since I can only pick ten, here are my nominations...

Brae, Elly, Lena, Jenny, Jen, Mav, Camilla, Astrid, hel-looks, hyena-in-petticoats

I am thinking of sewing something for myself this evening. In any case, I think I'll go boil some water and make tea or hot chocolate. Then maybe watch this while I draft that pattern...

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  1. You are very welcome, Anna!! :) Your blog is always so fun to read!