current awesome


Probably a more appropriate title would be "currently coveting" or something like that, but I prefer "current awesome." I felt the need to document these items on my blog and perhaps I will add to the "current awesome" list. It's not that I *need* anything, I just like to talk about things I like or things that make me smile. I suppose I'm a bit of a clothes whore or maybe just a lover of all things materialistic. yeah.

This, in my opinion, would make the perfect casual-every-day, t-shirt-wearing, brighten-my-life, fun-loving, all-around-happy skirt. Like that top that makes you feel really good about yourself every time you put it on? This is the skirt version of that top. So I did what all clothes whores do when faced with a decision, I got it. I went back and forth back and forth. I finally came to the decision that if I didn't get it, I would be hitting myself upside the head with a mallet come summertime when I am seriously lacking in the comfy-feel-good-skirt department. And then I thought, what if every time I got the urge to spend a little bit of money ($2 here, $5 there) I would resist that urge and instead, save that money to go into "the frickin' sweet skirt" fund? So that is what I'm a doin'. Btw, if you are feeling the same way about this skirt and just HAVE to have one yourself, check it out on etsy. Looks like there aren't too many left.

I was wasting my time one day awhile back when I spied this woman wearing an awesome pair of turquoise and black adidas shoes. I love the fact that they *pop* out with the bright turquoise. So needless to say, I've been looking for a pair like them. So far no luck in finding those shoes, but I did find these Onitsuka Tiger shoes by Asics. Not bad. My sister has a pair of these in yellow. What can I say? I'm a jealous sister. These babies will have to wait, though. Perhaps I will see about getting them as a birthday present or just save my pennies. I don't need them right now anyways. We've still got loads of snow coming down and my trusty rusty boots have been awesome.


  1. I have two different pairs of Tigers and love them. In fact, I have that very style in white and light blue. (Sprained my foot in 2006 big time while wearing them though.)

    Cute skirt, too.

  2. that skirt is pretty darn sweet--I can totally see that being the perfect summertime skirt (if summer would ever get here! rofl!!!). and I love those shoes; I *so* need a new pair of sneakers. I basically only own one pair, and I've had the same, pink Converse All-Stars for three years! I want a pair of Pumas or Adidas instead this time... lol. but I want something with some *color*. ;)