a new beginning


So here I have finally found myself on blogger. It is a fact that I have several and probably too many blogs on the web already, but I've grown tired of most of them and thought I would start a fresh on here. I have no idea how often I will post or what I'll post about. Most likely I'll write about random stuff and then try very hard not to get too personal about myself. I tend to have a problem with that and then get in trouble later on when I find out people are actually reading my writings. It's not as if I'm a fantastic writer either. I just try to write as if I am talking to someone. To me this is almost therapeutic, as odd as that may sound. Whenever I try to write like I think I'm good at it, it's so obvious that I'm trying too hard and then I end up screwing it all up. A few people have told me they enjoy my writing style and that I'm a good writer, but I've yet to believe them. I've never been stellar at writing/grammar/spelling (thank God for spell checker!) when I was in school, but I have and do try to get better at it everyday. :)

That said, if you are reading this I do hope you enjoy it, even if I add one too many commas or make some huge grammatical errors. We'll see what happens with this journal. Or perhaps it will become like many of my other blogs and start to disintegrate in that wide unknown world we call the web.

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