haircut time


The last time I got my haircut was back in December. When I had it cut by the hairdresser, I wasn't too pleased. It was OK, but not exactly the way I wanted it and it took me two weeks to figure out what to do with it. That included making some adjustments with the scissors and I decided I had to do it myself. So chop chop I went and it turned out to be my favorite short style yet. But since I've had my haircut pretty short for the last few years, I decided it's time to grow it long again. This obviously takes time and if I don't want to have a really bad hairday every day, that means it's gotta have a trim. I always stick it back in a ponytail, but there are a few times I've wanted to let it down, but the back hair was a lot longer than the front and it looked funny. So tonight I decided to once again pull out the shears and do some trimming. I hope I didn't cut off too much, but there's nothing I can do about that now! Here's some pictures I took to document my loss.

:: my tools ::
to get the job done

:: scary ::

:: talk about bad hairdo ::
talk about bad hairdo

:: yep, it's gotta go ::
it's gotta go

:: here i go again ::
here i go again...

:: much better ::
much better

:: chop ::

:: dead ::

:: my hairs! ::
my hairs!

:: mwahaha... chop chop ::
mwahahaha...chop chop

:: it's better than before...i think ::
it's better than before...i think

:: pretty flowers ::
more pretty flowers

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