dance party


Today I feel like having a spontaneous dance party. I probably won't, but sometimes I feel like breaking into spontaneous dance. There's something about dancing that almost takes you into a different world. I love dance. love. I'm not THAT good at it, I've never taken any official lessons, except a few short swing lessons at Coe College a few years ago. I like to say I know a lot about mid 19th century dancing, but I'm no expert. I've never taken any music lessons. That is to say, I took a few when I was little but I never practiced and I don't remember one single note. I don't even know how to read music. Nothing. But I like to think I can hear music and understand it enough to know how to dance to it. I love feeling it. Whether it's a fast pace polka or spontaneous dance moves to 1980s tunes on Saturday night radio. I love moving to music. I don't always show when I feel the beat, when I want to break out into dance... But I'm always thinking of it when I hear music. When I hear a beat that would work for a waltz or polka, instantly I am looking around the room to see if there could possibly be anyone willing to take off on the dance floor with me. Most of the time there's no one and I find myself dancing with myself. Or simply just listening and imagining the moves.

There's something about dance that is like shouting and letting out all emotion. It's an expression like no other. You don't have to say anything, just move your feet and watch the room spin around you. The problem with most people today is that they are afraid of making a fool of themselves. It's not just something girls do! Guys can get out there and shake it up too! After all, it takes two to tango. Although I will admit, sometimes I am shy to get out on the dance floor. If I don't know what I'm doing, I tense up. (And this basically describes my life.) I don't know what people will think of me if I let loose. But when I've had a few drinks (not always, but in some cases a few drinks do help loosen me up), I'm with people who don't care...I am carefree and it is the most wonderful feeling.

There's nothing like having a spontaneous dance party with friends. This is the kind of dancing where you can really do anything. You don't really need to know any steps to make it look good. You just go out there and,! Crank up the '80s tunes or in my case, a mix of the original sounds as well as music I find on Swedish blogs that sound like they were made in the '80s. I love that sound. I thought I'd never say that, because I used to loath, hate, abominate, know generally dislike the '80s. But now that I've grown up a bit, I can appreciate the era I was born in a little more. Some of that music is just perfect to dance to. It doesn't really make you feel stupid like some of the music they play at bars. (You know, that crap on the radio they call music. Boggles my mind...) But somehow you can relate to that music. It's not quite vintage, but it's fun. It's free.

Broken Heart Tango -Cloetta Paris


  1. Anna, thanks so much for sending me a link to your blog! :)

  2. Oh my goodness! Dancing is -the best-! Nothing like it...I took classical ballet for a long time but the best dancing is the type that just happens.

    In response to yr comment on my blog, I agree with everything you wrote. I just (as of yesterday) started offically seeing someone and if I hadn't accepted his invitation to dance then I wouldn't be dating him.

    (and no, I didn't meet him at church ;)

    another side note: Do you know about pandora radio?

  3. Well, a lot of people feel awkward just doing the "wriggle dance." That's what I love so much about 19th century dance -- there are distinct steps and patterns, and once you learn them, you can actually dance with a partner. There is nothing in the world like dancing a Viennese waltz with a partner who really knows how -- it's like flying! Absolutely intoxicating.

  4. Elizabeth-

    I have often wished I would have taken ballet when I was young. Ah, well. I didn't include this in my blog, but I have taken several 19th century dance lessons, though I still don't know that you'd call them "official" lessons.

    Oh, that's lovely you're seeing someone! Sometimes it pays to break out of your comfort zone. But in my case, I never know when it would be good or when it would be horrible to do. Oh, well. I suppose that's life. We all make mistakes and if you're always afraid of making those mistakes, you'll never do anything!

    Yep! I have heard of Pandora radio, although I prefer Online radio is the best!

  5. I agree with you, Silvana. Waltzing with someone who knows what they are doing is amazing. I do appreciate those that try, but there's nothing like a good dance partner. ;-) And btw, you are a lovely dancing partner.