Pre-Order: Linen Sleeveless Button-Ups


Happy 4th of July! This week has been a whirlwind. Jed and I returned late Monday evening from our three month stay in Seattle. We drove all the way out there, so we had to drive back. Our car was packed to the brim! I always tell myself next time I won't bring so much, and I think I am doing so well at it until we barely get everything packed in. Ugh. Someday I will learn! I brought a lot of clothing I didn't even wear and a lot of fabric I didn't get a chance to sew into anything. I guess what I've heard about the weather there is true. Seattle really doesn't have much of a summer like I'm used to! I actually kind of liked that, though. It was nice not really having to switch out my wardrobe until July. But now that we are back in Colorado, the sun is shining and it's a lot warmer here.

I've been thinking of more summery tops to make and I decided to order linen to make some more of those sleeveless button-up tops. I wanted to give you all a chance to pre-order in the size of your choice (xs, s, m or l). Otherwise I'll go ahead and make them in smalls and mediums as those are the sizes most people seem to want. I am not ordering a lot of fabric, each design I have enough for one top. However if there's a design you realllly want and it's already sold, I will try to get more. Also, if you pre-order I'm pricing these tops at $110 instead of my usual price ($130). Just email me ( with your choice in fabric and where I would ship the finished top (zip code or Canada/Overseas) and I will send you a PayPal invoice. Let me know if you have any questions!

For those of you here in the States, I hope you enjoy the holiday! I still can't believe it's already July. Time goes by so fast when you're having fun!

xo Anna

P.S. For those interested, I am planning to write about my time in Seattle soon!
P.P.S. If you are interested in a floral cotton lawn top, I have some fabric in stock. Just ask and I will send you pictures. :)

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