New Spring Tops!


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I have to say, I am loving these button-up tops I just made. I know I will be making more to wear over the summer because they are so versatile and they really are flattering. I love that you can pair them with a cardigan or sweater when it's chilly out, so essentially you can wear these tops all year round! The fabrics I used are so lovely and light and the linen is so comfortable. I only have three of these tops up for sale at the moment but I hope to make more soon. They are all located in my shop if you are interested! 

P.S. THANK YOU so much to all who were kind enough to write suggestions for places to visit in and around Seattle! I'm so looking forward to checking all of them out! It sounds like there will be so much to do during our stay. 



  1. Anna- Adorable!! Can I use that word to describe tops? :)

    Martha B.

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous, especially the flowery ones! Are they all made out of linen?

  3. I don't have anymore at this time, but I will be making more very soon. Check back here or email me if you would like to be added to my mailing list.

  4. I saw in your instagram feed that you're here! Welcome, welcome! Wasn't the weather crazy-gorgeous today? I can't wait for it to be even warmer tomorrow! I think Seattle is trying to impress you! ;)

    1. Yes! We are here! We have been here for a few weeks now, but I am finally, finally getting settled into a sort of work schedule here again! Always takes me forever to settle into a new place. ;) But it was such a lovely day and I'm looking forward to more lovely days here in Seattle! Hopefully it will warm up enough to go swimming in the lake soon!!