End of the season SALE!


Happy Autumn! I can't believe that time is here already! I am just starting to notice the leaves slightly changing color and the squirrels are all in a flurry hoarding (er, I mean storing...) their nuts for the winter. We see so many adorable fluffy squirrels around our area. They are the cutest little things! Our Evanston squirrels were cute, but I'm afraid they have nothing on these Longmont/Boulder squirrels. These guys eat NUTS not bits of bread from the street (sad, I know)! I just can't get enough of the cuties! Anyway, I wanted to pop in real quick to let you know I finally have the remnants of my summer collection in the shop! I also included a few past seasons items that you may be interested in. Everything is on sale at least 30% off original prices! I only have a few items left each, but do let me know if you had your heart set on something if it sells out. I'm usually more than willing to accommodate! Enjoy the beginning of this beautiful season! XO 

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