cleaning house


Cleaning out more things in my closet... Cleaning out more things in my closet...

It seems I spoke too soon the other day about the yardsale update. I've added many more items today! I have been cleaning the apartment and I found more things to part with. I am trying to clean out as much as possible before our move. I have even more piles of clothes that are intended for the thrift store. It will feel so good when we finally do move into our new apartment next Fall to start with a clean slate. Well, that is the plan anyway! That, and I am finding out that my style is changing and I am growing out of some of the things I used to like. Perhaps I am just bored of what I have and need a fresh wardrobe. I am slowly going through each item and if I don't absolutely love it or find it a necessity, then I try to get rid of it and replace it with something that fits better in my wardrobe. Otherwise I have piles of clothes that take up too much space in my tiny closet. Sorry to be a bother again with my constant yardsales! I hope to have a lot better content on this blog this summer. I have a few projects I am excited to work on over the summer. Before long, Fall will be here (my favorite time of year)! 

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