christmas shopping + huge shop sale


christmas tree shopping!christmas tree shopping!christmas tree shopping!christmas shopping!my favorite antique shopmy favorite antique shopmy favorite antique shop

These photos are a few weeks old since I took them while I was home for Thanksgiving. I am really starting to get excited for Christmas, so I thought I would share them with you! Jed and I rented a car to go home for Thanksgiving and since we had the car for an extra day, we thought we would use the opportunity to go scout for a Christmas tree. We found this fantastic little tree shop in our town and we couldn't be happier with our pretty tree! Last year we got a little table tree from Whole Foods, but their selection didn't seem quite as good this year, so we found this other place, which was perfect! Both Jed and I grew up with fake trees, but we both love real trees so we have made this our own little tradition. I just love how they smell! A fake tree just does not compare to the real thing. I am hoping to bake up some gingerbread cookies for the tree tomorrow and I think a few sparkly holiday crafts are in order!

The other photos are from my favorite antique shop called "Alice's Wonderland" near my parents home. The woman who owns the shop adopted some stray cats and they hang out all over the shop. They are the most adorable cats (some of them are quite large!!) and make the shop feel so cozy and welcoming. I especially love antique shopping around this time of year when everyone has their pretty Christmas decorations out. I adore vintage decorations, though I don't have any myself. I think I might start collecting vintage ornaments. Perhaps by next year I will have enough to put on our tree.

Before I leave you, I wanted to let you know I've marked down some of the items in my shop by 50%. I only marked the items that are made and ready to ship. So if you are thinking of getting something for Christmas or have been eyeing something for yourself, now is the time to go for it! I also have a new linen top coming next week. Stay tuned!

Some holiday tunes I've been listening to lately...


  1. love the pics young lady! merry christmas

  2. That shop does look like a Wonderland! And your new linen top looks gorgeous. Enjoy the coming weeks!