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summertime reading

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

summertime reading summertime reading summertime reading summertime reading

I finished my second Mary Stewart book last week and it was absolutely thrilling! Plus there is a bit more romance in this one than the last one I read, which is always a plus I say! :) This was a birthday gift from my parents. I have another Mary Stewart book that was included in the gift all ready to read next, and I cannot wait! These books are perfect summer reads. I try to hold off and not read too much in a day, otherwise I get nothing done and the book is finished before I know it!

Also took a picture of my outfit I got from ASOS. Have to say it really looks vintage. I'm going to make this short as Jed and I are about to run out the door to go to the movie theater! We almost never go, so I always think of it as a special occasion. We're planning to see Moonrise Kingdom and I'm SO excited to finally go see it! CAN'T WAIT! Have a fabulous mid-week everyone! xoxo

P.S. I think I'm finally getting the hang of the cat eye! I think this type of angle brush makes it easier!

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  1. Cute romper! I love flower patterns, I practically LIVE in them.

    And aren't books the best gifts? It's a present you can open again and again and still be surprised each time :)

  2. You look so much like Paul McCartney's fiance from the 60s, actress Jane Asher, with the bangs and 60s makeup! You should look her up! :-)

  3. I love that romper on you! I saw it on ASOS and thought it looked really vintage and it definitely does, so cute. I'm glad you posted about Mary Stewart because now I'm hooked! I've put several on hold at the library and both my husband and I are into the Merlin series. It's always exciting to have good book recommendations :)

  4. What a pretty outfit! I love the print and the colors.
    I haven't read this book yet but I'll add it to my list.

  5. We loved 'Moonrise Kingdom'! I know you will love it! I only wish they made more films like that.

  6. I just recently re-read This Rough Magic!! I know I've gushed before on your blog about Mary Stewart, but she really is the best. I was so sad when I had read everything - now I do re-read occasionally, but enjoy your first time through.

    She mentions clothing a bit more in Madam, Will You Talk? which is also a thrilling story. But 9 Coaches Waiting is my absolute fave fave fave!

  7. Your jumpsuit looks great and thank you for the tip on Mary Stewart. Just bought Madam, Will you Talk? Can't wait to start.

  8. It's such a sweet movie, you'll love it!

  9. I can't wait to see that movie either! Hope you had a good time. You look so lovely and I definitely think you've perfected the cat eyes :).