on a cold winter's day.


snow in south amana.

walking to the post office

baking christmas cookies.

white christmas, of course!

all decorated.

peppermint popcorn!

last minute gift.

all wrapped up.

Today I've been nursing a head cold, and what I've found that helps immensely is to make a pot of soothing eucalyptis tea. It's very simple. All you do is take 1 tsp dried eucalyptis leaves and steep in 6-8oz hot water for about 9 minutes. I made a couple of pots today. You can also boil the leaves in a steaming pot of water and place your head over the steam to inhale. Wearing a towel over your head helps also, although it gets kind of hot, so I don't really like doing it for too long. I also made a pot of the most delicious vegetable soup. I highly recommend this recipe. I left out the pasta and forgot to get red peppers, but it still tastes amazing and is exactly what I needed today. Now all I need to do is make some bread and I'm set!

Any plans for New Year's Eve? I've already been to a couple of pretty great parties and since I don't really have any place to go this year, I think Jed and I are going to have our own little party. You know what I really want to do is make Jed another Christmas present and we can have Christmas all over again! Oh yes, did I mention I had a pretty spectacular Christmas this year? Everyone was so generous! Jed got me this lovely perfume. I've never owned perfume in my life (at least not the real stuff) so I am pretty excited about it. That means I'm all grown-up now, right? I got Jed a pair of much needed shoes. He looks pretty hot in them, if I do say so myself. And I also made him a picture album using pictures from our summer. I used MagCloud to make the picture book and then penned in a few memories on each page. I'm going to try and continue making albums for all the seasons I've spent with Jed.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year's! I'm taking it easy right now due to my cold and also for the holidays, but am planning to be back in full swing by the middle of next week. xo

p.s. are you the type who makes new year's resolutions? i didn't think i was, but am thinking about taking advantage of the new year and getting back into an exercise routine. i have a video called "ballet bootcamp" and i know the title sounds funny, but the one time i tried it i really liked it. thinking about starting it back up again. here's hoping i can stretch myself to get up a half hour early every morning...


  1. Lovely photos! I always enjoy your blog posts. On a random note, can you believe that until this post I assumed you didn't have a TV? Not sure why...

  2. hi alissa! thank you for your comment. :) i'm glad you enjoy my posts! well, i don't technically have a tv, since it's actually my roommate's. heehee. and i mostly watch movies and shows on my computer anyway. ;)

  3. You just reminded me, I need to put my blogging pen pal's care packing in the mail! I'm a bad blogging friend, it is so far past Christmas!

  4. what lovely photos!

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! I hope that 2011 is an amazing year for you and yours!

  5. . . I want cookies!!! wow. those are amazing.