harvest calico blouse.


harvest calico blouse.
So guess what? I am going to sell one of the tops I was originally making for myself after all. Why? I guess I didn't realize that the color wasn't "me" when I purchased the fabric. Oh, well! Maybe someone out there will see it and snatch it up. I made it in size small and it's available in my Big Cartel shop and Etsy if you're interested. I'm really happy with how it turned out, so I may be making more of these calico blouses for the autumn/winter season. I plan to make another for myself in a different color and pair it with a silk undershirt for really cold days.

Although one of the tops I made I am not keeping, I did manage to make another button-up for myself on Saturday. It's made out of a really lovely woven cotton that is brushed on one side, which feels super soft and comfy next to my skin. It will be great to wear to my brother's barn party next weekend. I'll share pictures soon.

I hope everyone had a spooky Hallowe'en! I did! My boyfriend and I watched Sleepy Hollow (which I hadn't seen before) and some kids banged on our door rather loudly at one point, which freaked me out. We didn't have any candy because I was told no one really comes out this way, so those little brats didn't get anything. Jed did go out and get some candy later, even though no one else showed up. That's okay! More candy for us!

Have a wonderful week and hello November!

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