two pair trousers {sold.}


::sneak peek::

Just a quick note to let you know I'm selling two pairs of denim 1940s trousers I made. One in waist size 27.5" and the other 30". Stop on over to my Yard Sale blog for more info. I have decided I probably won't be selling these trousers in my shop. I'm concentrating more on tops and dresses right now and also using patterns I have drafted myself (that way I don't' have to worry about copyright issues and all that crap). So get them while they're hot! :) Generally these would be selling for closer to $120, but I am pricing these at $65, so I am cutting their price considerably!

{They are now sold! Thank you!!}

Then all you'll need is an old straw hat and a worn out pair of shoes. ;)


  1. I used to work for a denim company. Making a pattern for denim takes alot of time. With the shrinkage and the wash...

    Love your workmanship.

  2. my pants arrived today, and thank you, they are simply beautiful, totally love them.