new/old sewing machine.


my new sewing machine.

I picked up this little gal (big gal? it weighs a ton) this past weekend. I literally spent the entire afternoon on Saturday researching "MAYFAIR" machines with almost no luck. I know, that's so depressing. I totally wasted my Saturday. I did find a general manual for sewing machines on google books, though. And since then have done a bit more research and asked a few experts. I am pretty sure it's a White machine, but am not positive. And it looks a lot like the Domestic machines and Eldredge. I also purchased a bunch of supplies to refurbish it and bring it back to life. Some of the cords were looking pretty scary and I am not going to take any chances. Those are getting removed and I'm replacing them with brand new cords and a totally new light. My boyfriend was good enough to volunteer and help me out with this project. I know nothing about replacing cords and he does. :) Also there's a lot of cleaning to be done and detail work. I'm sure this will be a bit of an ongoing project, but I think I'll be very happy when I have it up and running. I've always wanted a vintage sewing machine. They're supposed to be little workhorses and I don't doubt that. I'm also excited to try out my new/old buttonholer. I love sewing tools and gadgets. :)

p.s. my seeds are just starting to pop their little heads up! i'm so excited!!


  1. nice. My favorite machine I have that is currently not working, i need to take it to get fixed. I tried myself with no manual and couldn't figure out why it just jammed and wouldn't move anymore. so sad. but I agree that the older machines work a whole lot better than new ones.

  2. I didn't find much more in my quick Google search but I did find this Ebay listing of a 1938 White machine in a wooden cabinet:

    Maybe it was during a brief partnership with a cabinet maker called Mayfair?

  3. Fantastic! I just got a new old machine too, mine's from 1908, a treadle Singer, and it's such a workhorse. Isn't that vibrating shuttle bobbin so cute? I squealed when I figured out how it works!
    Yours is so pretty, and I bet once you give it a good clean (and oil), and put a bit of wax on it (car wax is the stuff, strangely enough), it'll be even prettier. That's just the sort of machine that would fit perfectly in a treadle table, too, if you wanted it to.

  4. its beautiful!! very elegant. i almost got a sewing machine like this from craigslist but the owners decided to buy me a new one and give it to me instead (im not complaining!!) :)

  5. Oh, it's so pretty! I bet you'll have lots of fun with it once you're done cleaning and rewiring. I sew on a 1930's vintage treadle myself and love it! I don't even have another machine at the moment.

  6. You are going to have tons of fun sewing with this machine, Anna, I just know it! ;) I loved using my grandmother's c. 1950 Singer (unfortunately it's a cabinet model, and I wasn't going to even try to move that down here with me).

    Have fun with your new sewing toys! :D

    ♥ Casey
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  7. How fun is this! I have a vintage singer machine that I actually learned to sew on as a little girl. My grandmother finally decided her sewing days were over so she gave it to lucky me! Be sure to share pics when you have finished restoring it.

  8. My mother-in-law has one of these in pristine condition, with a box full of attachments and the instruction book. I drool every time i see it