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the palisades.

annie's married!

katie in the sweater

brandi and anna

A few things I've been up to...
  • Halloween fun consisted of a party at a little theatre establishment in the Amanas where my friend Brandi lives. I dressed up as an Edward Gorey character or since nobody there knew who Edward Gorey was (ugh!!!) I just told them I was a dead Victorian person. Jed dressed as an engineer (super last minute), since that comes easy for him. hah. And Brandi dressed as a zombie pin-up girl. It was lotsa fun!
  • My friend Annie just got married last weekend. We've been friends for 18 years. It is crazy how fast we all grow up! I would be lying if I didn't say I am feeling really strange about all my friends getting hitched. It's very weird, but I am very happy for her.
  • Jed and I went dumpster diving for the first time Sunday night. I did not realize how thrilling it is! Also how sad I am to see how much food people throw away. Perfectly good food. Um...what about all those starving people in our country? Why can't some of this food be given to them?? I want to see this film.
  • My sister was back for the wedding this weekend, so we got to hang out a bit. We went to a cute coffee shop down the road from my house, got wired on coffee and then went antique shopping with Jed. It was a fabulous weekend!
  • Going down to Georgia this evening and coming home next Monday. Once again, I'm traipsing off to the woods to live in a rather rough structure in mid-19th century clothing. It should be thrilling. I'm ready for a bit of a vacation. Funny how my vacations always leave me coming home completely exhausted and ready for a hot shower. But I love it. :)
Um yeah... That's about it. I feel like I've been doing more, but I just can't think of what it could be. I'm going to bring my sock knitting with me for the trip tonight. We're meeting up with some of our buddies in Kansas City and they're going to do the rest of the driving. That means driving all through the night and no sleep (I can never sleep very well in a car). But I'll have my knitting and maybe I will finish a pair of socks! Hope you all are enjoying the week! I'll be back with more later. Unless a bear eats me up in the woods or some such. ;)

{a few more pics on my flickr.}


  1. Well, I am a great fan of Edward Gorey's work, so I think your costume idea was fantastic! Were you any character in particular, or just a generally mysterious black-clad Gorey-ish figure?

  2. I really want to see that movie too now!!
    Over here they call these people "freegans" and there are have been a number of articles about them in the press. Good on them!

  3. Edward Gorey -- you look perfect! I was trying to place why your look was so familiar... :)

  4. I LOVE Edward Gorey and your costume is amazing :)

  5. Edward Gorey rocks! Great idea - and I feel your pain. A couple of years ago, before absinthe was legal in the US again, I went as the Green Fairy. I even purchased a bottle of Pernot ($40) and gave out shots all night to anyone who would take 'em.

    And what did I get for all my art-nouveau-referencing-pains?

    "Are you supposed to be Tinkerbell? Drunk Tinkerbell?"

    sigh. It was like that again this year. I went as a faun and everyone asked if I was a satyr. My bf went as Dionysus and everyone just said "oh. Bacchus. Same thing."

    You get the feeling people should READ more?