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catching up {again}.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

{via a cup of jo}

I've been looking for a pair of sneakers for awhile now. I have boots, I have sandals, but the only pair of sneakers I have are in pretty bad shape. You see, I got them for fifty cents at a thrift store over a year ago. They're amazing, because they look like Mister Rogers' sneakers. But yeah, I won't go into detail but they are pretty gross now. I might try washing them and replacing the insoles, but I'd like a nicer pair. I've been thinking about getting some Converse, but then today I did some blog searching and found these French Bensimon sneakers that seem to be all the rage in France. Yeah, so on a whim I went a head and purchased a pair that were on sale. Yay! I got mine in taupe, but they come in lots of colors. They also have high-tops, which I think are pretty snazzy, only the low tops were cheaper so I got those instead. I'll let you guys know how they work out. I plan to do lots of walking in them, since my boyfriend and I are poor (he's in grad school, I spend all my money on my business...you get the idea) and we end up finding all the parks and walking for our entertainment. Totally fine by me, but he's been making fun of me for my shoe choices, which tend to be really bad for walking.

sunday afternoon.

Oh yeah, did I mention? I have a boyfriend. It's completely bizarre and weird and I'm kind of freaking out about all this change, 'cause I don't feel ready for any of it. But oh, well. We're having fun. And he likes plaid, so that's a good thing, right?

Have a great week! Still trying to catch-up, but hopefully I'll be all caught up soon. xoxo

{wilco + feist.}

{p.s. fall is coming! that means i am thinking about my fall wardrobe. wondering if i should stick with colors i gravitate more towards, like greys, black and navy. but that sounds so boring. i'd like some stripes in there as well. maybe plaid too... also getting back into knitting again! making this for my sister in grey wool. hope she likes it!}


  1. I just love the boyfriend photo--your dress and his plaid shirt go together so well! ;)

  2. sigh. i'd love a pair of taupe bensimons as well. and i totally get going for walks with your boyfriend (lovely photo!).

  3. Congrats on the boyfriend! I saw pics on facebook yesterday - you two look so cute together!

    P.S. I love that dress you're wearing in the pics!

  4. Must see shoe photos when they arrive!! ; )

  5. I'm happy for you and your plaid shirt boy, life can be good sometimes!

    Bensimons work best in the summer, I think. I've got one pair, and really love them. But I have to admit I'm looking forward wearing more sturdier shoes now.

    Happy fall days, Anna!

  6. I don't think there is anything better than two cutie pies being cutie pies together! I really like your blog!

  7. Oh Anna! I love your boyfriend picture. :) I've wondered if you had one - you are so beautiful I wondered why you had never posted about one before!

    Love the shoes!

  8. Such yummy sneakers, indeed! I love Mr. Rogers!! :) Thanks for your sweet comments of late, at my little blogling,too!!

  9. Abigail is sitting on my lap and when I came to your blog she said, "Oh, shoes!" :-)

    We still need to get together to catch up on life!


  10. From the photo-looks like you found a good one. Change is hard, but then again, all good things tend to be harder then they are easy. :)

  11. I didn't even realize you had a blog until now! I've been in the exact same position as you for the last few years with my boyfriend, no money, everything I have goes into my business and he's at uni. But it's nice taking walks instead of going on fancy dates isn't it?


  12. hi, natalie! thanks for the comment. :) actually, i think since we have no money we have more fun, since it forces us to be creative. we found some really cool parks i hadn't ever been to before that were really close to my house. i'm definitely going back! besides, i'm not the type who likes to be "wined and dined." ;)

  13. Me neither! I find dates a bit awkward and formal sometimes. But exploring new parks and making up mini adventures is definitely always fun!