linen frock coats and pretty dresses.


4th of july weekend.
{brandi and i enjoying a plate of berries and cheese in tower grove park.}

As I mentioned in my last entry, I went to St. Louis to celebrate the 4th of July with my history nerd friends. It was fabulous. We went on a beautiful walk through the Botanical Gardens while stopping to read poetry along the way, enjoyed picnicking in Tower Grove park, volunteered at the Old Courthouse downtown (complete with a myriad of people asking to have their picture taken with us; I do wonder how many vacation photos I'm in...), and then a lovely boat ride on the mighty Mississippi. By the end of Saturday, I was ready to change into a modern sundress and head to the cookout to listen to the neighborhood fireworks! In St. Louis, you needn't bother fighting crowds to see the display of fireworks downtown. There are people everywhere shooting off fireworks on the streets and in their yards. It was a lovely weekend. Hope you had a great 4th of July!

More pictures in my flickr.

And from my friend.


  1. I think 'living history' is a great idea! I think in Poland some people do it, but only when it comes to medieval period... Greetings :)

  2. How fun!! I'm so jealous that you have the opportunity to do things like that. Such a lovely setting too.

  3. Well, I would rather do 'living history' about the 19th century ;)

  4. ooh! Is that the reproduction sheer fabric I've been seeing online!? It's loverrrrrly! :)

  5. Some of your photos from the botanical gardens look like stills from a BBC drama. :)

  6. thank you, królewna! :)

    marjorie, yes! it's the same fabric you saw. it's gorgeous!

  7. well, you living history folk are great in my book. I grew up in Sandyston/Walpack area of Nj...a greatly historic section of the Old Mine Road runs through there, only a handful of the original inns,stone houses and all remain. The gvt pretty much forced everyone out for the Tocks Island Project...quite sad...there was so much lost.
    Anyway, the historical society continues to do little events, and of course, without those willing to re-enact and participate i'm sure many people would not have a good idea as to how life'd just be an empty stone house or whathaveyou.
    so, i think you're doing good things.
    and since you posed that question now I'm wondering how many strangers vacation shots you're in...that's fun!

  8. history nerd friends, eh?

    I resemble that remark!